Bangs are a tricky subject. So many of us want that
chic fringe hair look, but are too timid to go under the scissors. And even those rocking an on-trend fringe might be in for an upgrade. Lucky for you, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to finding the right bangs for your face shape to have in hand at your next appointment with a hair stylist.



If you have no idea where to start…

You shouldn’t worry. Your hairdresser should be able to determine your face shape and make recommendations about the style of bangs you should receive. “A good stylist should know what looks most flattering and be able to execute. A fringe is commitment. Like a pet, you have to take care of them. Clients should be told about the maintenance of their fringe, styling and
blow-drying techniques, fringe hair trims and what can happen if you try to cut them at home,” recommends Morgan Servinis—Pro Hair Stylist at Toronto’s Bob Paige Salon.


Now, if you’re interested in determining your face shape before you hit the beauty parlour—after perusing magazines for fringe hair inspiration—try this technique. “To find out what kind of face shape you have, try the ‘lipstick trick’. Clip all your hair back away from your face in front of a mirror. Then take a bright lipstick and draw onto the mirror, following the outer line of the face. Stand back and take a look. This should give you an idea of what exact face shape you have,” says Servinis. With this in mind, you’re ready to hit the salon chair for your new set of bangs based on your newly discovered face shape.

11 rules for BANG HAIRSTYLES

If you have a square face shape…

Women with a square face shape tend to have a naturally edgy face (perfect for the punk fringe hair look), but you need to ensure that your bangs are making the face more circular and not increasingly harsh. “A soft, rounded bang that is shorter in the centre and longer towards the cheekbones will achieve this. Nicole Richie is a good example,” says Dee Kane—Education Director at LURE Salon in Vancouver. “Avoid blunt straight bangs that would square off the face even more and create a Frankenstein effect.”


The best bangs for an oval, oblong, round and heart face shape on the next page…


bangs-face-shape-00002.jpgIf you have an oval face shape…

Oh, the oval face shape—the envy of all others with more obscure facial profiles who can’t pull off every look with minimal effort. “Oval face shapes can practically wear any kind of style. If the client’s eyes are the strongest feature, I would suggest a ‘happy’ or ‘smiling’ fringe. The corners of the length on the sides are cut upwards instead of down, elongating the corner of the eye,” says Servinis.

GALLERY: Celebrities with LONG BOBS

If you have an oblong face shape…

The thing about an oblong face shape is that they tend to have a higher arching forehead (FYI—a tall forehead signified royalty in the Elizabethan days), allowing more room for a
bold set of bangs. “An oblong face can be balanced with a longer square bang or a brow brushing side bang that will shorten up the forehead and balance a long face. Liv Tyler and Tyra Banks have long faces that they shorten with a longer fringe,” Kane says.


If you have a round face shape…

An angled,
textured fringe that draws attention to your best features without exaggerating width can counterbalance a fuller face shape. “If you have a round face, choose a side swept fringe that is brow length and layers into your hair. This creates the illusion of length in the face because the eye travels to the opening at the forehead. A centre part with cheekbone length layers also creates the illusion of length in the face. Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst have a great side swept fringe,” says Kane.



If you have a heart face shape…

The romantic, heart face shape calls for an equally dreamy and classic bang style to enhance this coveted silhouette—without overpowering it. “A heart shape face can wear a side swept fringe very well. This offsets the fullness at the top for balance. The length should come down toward the eye—not covering it—and finish at the cheekbone,” says Servinis.

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