It’s time for a pop quiz! How would you define your hair texture? With so many unique hair possibilities out there, it’s no wonder we have trouble coping with our own hair texture. Whether your have coarse locks that are hard to manage or fine strands you just can’t deal with, these expert hair care tips from Marilisa Sears—Artistic Director for Marc Anthony Hair Care—are guaranteed to help you ace the test.

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If your hair texture is coarse and thick

You know the type—super dull and straw-like strands that appear dry and brittle without proper hydration and styling. Here is Sears’s top hair care advice for working with a coarse hair texture.

Cut it: “It is best not to over layer this hair type as the shorter the layers are the bigger the hair gets,” says Sears.

Style it:
Use a large round brush with your blow dryer and work from top to bottom when styling for this hair type. “This not only keeps the cuticle closed (making hair look much healthier and shiny) but it also cuts down on the volume,” Sears reveals.

Manage it:
“This hair has a tendency to get dry quickly as the cuticle lays open more often than not. It is important to keep it moisturized and in good condition,” says Sears. Opt for a dry shampoo to keep shower water from drying up a coarser texture.

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If your hair texture is fine and thin
Banish your skinny tresses and amp up the volume by finding the perfect cut to boost those thin strands.

Cut it: “No matter how much you wish it weren’t true, the longer hair gets the limper it becomes. A slight ‘shag’ finish will help this hair type move much easier,” says Sears.

Style it: Sears encourages women to add curl to fine and thin hair to increase volume, body and movement. When curling, start with a smaller-sized barrel for a tighter spiral because your hair will fall throughout the day.

Manage it:
“When you over wash hair you activate more oil production, which makes this hair type become even limper. This hair texture is perfect for dry shampoo between washes for extra volume,” says Sears.

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If your hair texture is curly

The curse of the
curly hair! Not to worry ladies—you can maintain a chic and polished look even with a mess of tousled curls using these tailored hair care cues.

Cut it: “Don’t be afraid to
keep curls short. This hair type can look quite flirty when shorter,” says Sears.

Style it:
“Don’t fuss with curls too much when drying it naturally. The more you touch curly hair the more it tends to frizz,” reminds Sears.

Manage it:
Keeping curly hair hydrated is key. Sears recommends brushing hair in the shower while using conditioner to work added moisture into the roots to keep curls under control.

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If your hair texture is straight and limp

Even if you were born with wilted, droopy strands, don’t fear your hair. (It’s a versatile hair texture you can learn to rock!) Breathe attitude into those lifeless locks with, surprisingly, a touch of colour.

Cut it: Sears advises women to ask their stylist for loads of layers and extra teasing when at the salon to encourage texture and a choppier cut for a limp hair type.

Style it:
“When drying, flip hair over to give body at the roots. This not only helps with volume but it keeps hair off the scalp, which makes it less oily,” Sears states.

Manage it:
“Think about getting a colour when your hair is super fine and limp. The colour adds body (you can do a
semi colour if you like as well),” says Sears.


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