Short hair: My hair dilemma

I can’t remember the last time I liked my hair. Oh wait—yes I can. It was last fall, over the span of three days. It started with the day I was working on a video shoot, talking on camera, with makeup done—and a full-blown set of extensions clipped in. I loved the weight on my shoulders of the
Kardashian-like waves. I felt like a new person, and also understood why women are passionate about their weaves. Before that—I can’t remember. In a nutshell, I have flat, super fine hair with a bit of a wave and a blasé brown colour. Nothing to write home about—you could even call it forgettable hair.

SHORT HAIR: Tips on getting the perfect cut

I’ve spent the entirety of my life hearing about my baby-fine hair. Endured countless blowouts watching handfuls of mousse collapse into my scalp—heard people coach me on my conditioner skills—“Apply from the ears down only!”; “Use a volumizing mist on roots” to my very favourite, hair pro Kevin Murphy telling me during an interview several years ago: “Serum would be like death on your hair.”

Short hair: The short-term solution

However, my journey to building a better relationship with my hair improved once I got it into my head that I would chop it all off after I got married. I spent last year growing it out, so I’d have a chignon full enough to forgo wearing extensions on my wedding day. I had it slowly shaped and
tinted a glossy chocolate, which helped entertain me while I watched the pithy ends spill down my back.

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Finally taking the plunge to a super short haircut on the next page …

how-to-get-a-short-hair-cut-002.jpgShort hair: Making the cut
I started off slowly, with a classic lob. It was good—but nowhere near as satisfying as I had anticipated. I needed to see a clear distinction between the hair ending and my shoulder starting. My texture was slightly less lifeless, but it seemed I had truncated my curl pattern, and I wasn’t able to coax out the only desirable characteristic of my hair. But after securing an interview spot with model Arizona Muse this May, I started incessantly researching her, pouring over her latest campaigns and runway shows. I was fascinated with her length—close to fellow model Karlie Kloss’, but with a bit more body. I started hoarding images of these models, becoming increasing fascinated with this length. The final straw was the June cover of Vogue–Kate Upton’s tousled mess of loopy, sloppy curls was all I needed to do to pull the trigger.

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Short hair: Going even shorter

I tweeted the inspiration pictures to Marilisa Sears from Marc Anthony—she was brimming with excitement as she sharpened her shears. When I waltzed in the following day, she asked me several times if I was really, really sure. Hairdressers have seen so many meltdowns; you can’t exactly blame her.

And as the pieces fell to the floor, the widest grin crept up on my face. Farewell, you limp strands! I spent the majority of the weekend tossing it around, running my fingers through the back and couldn’t believe how my formerly flat hair felt full, bouncy and, believe it or not, thick. Finally, I love my hair.

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