Good hair, all day, every day. It’s what a girl wants, right? But blow drying your hair every single day can be one time-consuming task (and result in less
healthy hair). How can you make your salon or at-home blowouts last for days? We checked in with hairstylists and they shared their advice on prolonging your blowout for up to four days (maybe even five days!). So read on, and reward yourself with good, healthy hair and more time in your life.

HAIR CARE TIPS: Extend the life of your blow out

1. When shampooing your hair, make sure to do a cool rinse at the end, says Rob Pizzuti of Blyss Salon in Toronto. “A hot wash will start the oil glands producing,” he explains.

2. Allow each section to cool completely as you blowdry them. “Remember that heat will bend or smooth hair in place but the cooling time after is what will allow each section to set and stay where you put it,” says Pizzuti, adding that if you use an iron, allow each area to cool before you touch it.

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3. Do your blowout with
the right tools for the job. It helps if your blowout is a professional-quality one if you’re trying to prolong its life. Farah Jadavji of Blo Bloor West Village in Toronto suggests starting with a wet brush for detangling using a boar-bristle brush (“It helps to distribute oil better and promote shine,” she says).

4. Sleep on satin pillowcases. “With a cotton pillowcase, you’re more likely to disperse oil from your scalp onto the case, whereas satin doesn’t absorb it at all,” says Jadavji. She recommends putting your hair up in a very loose bun on top of your head at bedtime (be careful not to tighten as you put it up) and secure it with a loose tie such as a scrunchy. “When you let it down in the morning, it’ll have maintained its volume and balance,” she says.

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5. Buy some
dry shampoo. In the days after your blowout, when you feel there’s excess oil developing, dry shampoo will be your hair’s best friend. “It’ll absorb the oil and keep your hair looking fresh longer,” says Jadavji. If it’s an aerosol spray format, make sure you give it a good shake to make sure it’s fully mixed before you apply it, she adds.

Switch to non-oily hair styling products. Avoid oily,sticky products that coat your hair or very strong sprays, says Pizzuti. “These products will collect dirt and smoke as you walk around and make your hair dirty very fast.”

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7. Refresh your blowout by just washing your fringe. “You will be surprised how a bang or hairline wash on day three allows you to still look fresh,” says Pizzuti.

8. Train your hair to last longer without shampoos. If you don’t already, start stretching the number of days between shampoos from every day to other two to three days. This is so your scalp adjusts and stops overproducing oils, explains Jadavji.

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