Not all of us a fortunate enough to have been born with perfect hair—or the expert know-how on getting it to look that way. So we asked the pros to share their top hair care secrets—from cut to the hair products that help maintain your style—on the best ways to achieve great hair.

A little teaser? “Perfect hair complements the face,” says Vittorio, a Toronto-based hair stylist with Plutino Group. “Remember, it isn’t always about the volume but your hair should give the impression of a certain fullness.” More of that coveted hair care wisdom from Vittorio and celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger below.


1. On starting with the perfect cut

Bottom line: great hair starts with
a great haircut. And that starts with finding the right stylist who can skillfully give you a personalized and precise cut for your hair texture and face shape. “A good haircut, it always works,” says Hershberger. “It grows out better and you don’t have to get as many haircuts, that’s really the most important thing.”

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Bring a photograph of your desired look, be it the latest hair trend for the season or a celebrity bob, to the appointment. Then your hairstylist can tell you if it’s a good fit and will customize the look to suit you personally. “That will help you get the best cut possible,” she adds.

2. Use hair products to maintain your style

There’s a simple formula to great hair: “Fifty per cent is the great haircut, and fifty per cent are also the products you use,” says Hershberger. “You have to use a product in order to give the hair substance, because if you don’t put anything in it, it just kind of lies there.” Look for lightweight hair products to add volume to fine hair and keep locks shiny and healthy looking.

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3. Think quality not quantity when styling hair

It’s not just the hair products that you use, but how you use them that will determine their overall efficacy. “
Using the right products—that can make or break your hair,” says Hershberger. “And not using too much. So many women do not know how to use products or they buy all these products and they don’t know how to use them.”

Be discerning with the hair products you do apply. “Styling products all range in strength and finish as well,” says Vittorio. “Having the right product for you may allow you to use less of it, which could mean less alcohol content on your hair.”

With the right amount of the perfect hair product, “the ends should appear healthy and frizz free,” says Vittorio. “And [hair] should have movement!”

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4. Achieve great volume

“My favourite tip is to use heat with root lifter or mousse on
damp hair,” Vittorio says about
achieving lasting height with your hair. “And to let the hair cool down in the desired shape to lock it in.”

Keep in mind that hair is most fragile when wet. “So if you’re blow drying your hair everyday, you can bet that your hair’s lustre will be compromised.” To achieve sleekness on coarse, frizzy hair, try increasing the heat on your
styling tools. “Or consider a keratin treatment to reduce the amount of styling needed,” he adds.

Try Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray on just-washed hair. “You lose keratin so you want put the keratin back in,” says Hershberger. “It gives your hair more strength and it keeps it healthier.”

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5. Maintain naturally healthy hair

Creating a healthy relationship with your hair requires finding a delicate balance of correct hair products (think shampoo, conditioner, hair masks), and using them at the right time. “It’s about knowing how much oil your hair needs—much like washing your face,” says Vittorio. “Experiment with different combos! It’s really the only way to do it.”

But always keep in mind the specific needs of your tresses. “Not understanding your hair or hair type could allow you to overwork or underwork it,” warns Vittorio. “
Using too much heat or even not enough heat could either damage the hair or not get it to its best looking.” Expert tip: “Hair should shine, without looking greasy.”


6. The thing about dry shampoo…

second-day hair and while travelling, dry shampoo is a great replacement for actually washing hair. But use wisely. “I’m not a fan of the dry shampoo because I do think that it makes your hair dull,” says Hershberger. “And I like hair to look as young and shiny as possible— and that’s a sign of youth, having healthy-looking hair.” Simply put, “For day to day, just wash your hair.”

7. Have a hair rescue plan—always

Be prepared in case your just-flat-ironed hair gets caught in the rain on your morning commute. “I always have a hair tie—I think that’s a must if you have long hair and it’s got to get pulled back,” says Hershberger.

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Or if you’re trying to
conceal your bang grow-out, slide in the bobby pin at the temple horizontally, going toward the back of your hair. “And then the hair will fall over it,” she adds.

Opt for a bobby pin that matches your hair colour. “You can also go for a matte finish so as to not catch the light,” says Vittorio. “Crossing two pins creates a stronger hold, allowing for less pins to be used.” And a perfect finish to your expert-approved hair.

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