We all remember Jennifer Aniston’s infamous choppy medium length hair from Friends, and who could forget Kim Cattrall’s sweet and seductive medium cut on Sex and the City. But what you might not remember is the styling tricks these stars used—or didn’t use—to make their signature hair look its best. We chat with Eric Del Monaco, official hairstylist and colourist for L’Oreal Paris, to find out how to put a modern spin on the classic medium haircut based on face shape and hair type.


Hair tips: The best haircuts for medium length hair
Because your medium length hair is never too long or too short, layered styles work best for adding texture and interest to your glossy locks. “A long bob with layers just at the bottom of the haircut gives nice volume at the base while holding and almost securing the long bob in place,” says Del Monaco. You can also try a more undone version of the medium cut for extra texture. “This is a good length to do a real shagged haircut, meaning lots of layers to give volume and movement to the style,” Del Monaco reveals. Lastly, you can’t forget about your updos. “This is also a good length for women who still want to maintain a ponytail look, which is a hot red carpet trend right now,” adds Del Monaco.

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Hair tips: Medium haircuts for your face shape

You can tell your hairstylist to cut your hair to medium length based on the shape of your face. Del Monaco says that those with an oval face shape have it best because they can rock any angle or style possible for a medium cut (lucky ladies). However, girls with rounder faces need to be more cautious. “Stay away from bangs. Layering and framing starting from below the cheekbone will accentuate your cheekbones and give the illusion of a more elongated face,” says Del Monaco. Girls with strong, square face shapes should also be careful. “Staying away from bangs is a good idea and go with less layers to soften the facial features,” Del Monaco suggests.

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Hair tips: Medium haircuts for your hair type

Use these styling tips to match your medium cut to the natural texture of your hair. “For straight hair, layers are great because you get that added texture and volume with added movement,” says Del Monaco. Girls with curls can also try a medium cut to help maintain their waves. “If you have
curly, heavy hair, watch your layers! Too many layers can give you more volume than you need,” adds Del Monaco.

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Hair tips: DIY hairstyling tips for medium haircuts

When you get home from the salon with your new do, it isn’t always easy to keep your medium cut glossy and full of volume. “Trying a really smooth blow dry to ensure that there are no
frizzy ends gives a healthy, put together look, while texturizing with mousse can be another quick and easy styling tip. For thinner hair, I recommend blow-drying the hair upside down for added volume that lasts. Because there is less weight and length on medium hair, it usually holds a hairstyle longer,” says Del Monaco.


And finally, think twice before reaching for your favourite headband or hair wrap with a medium hairstyle. “Be careful with accessories with medium length hair. Because of your length the accessory might not stand out as much as with short or long hair. Use something more discreet,” suggests Del Monaco. Try smaller pins and clips for a pretty finish to your fun and flirty medium cut.

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