Let’s be honest: Everyone’s skin could benefit from a serious hydration boost, which is why Bioderma’s latest product, the Hydrabio Hyalu+ serum, is literally a skin saver. It’s the first self-rehydrating and replumping ecobiological concentrate designed to protect the skin’s ecosystem and strengthen its natural mechanisms.

As we age, the water reserves in our skin decrease, making it dehydrated and less taut, and we start to notice fine lines and wrinkles. But it’s not all doom and gloom—there’s great news too! This new Bioderma serum is amazing for dry, dehydrated skin (especially during colder weather), instantly making it feel plumper, refreshed and totally hydrated.

“As soon as I incorporated this product into my daily routine, I began to notice a difference,” says Joanna Fox, ELLE Canada’s editor-in-chief. “My skin literally drank the serum in. It gave my face an instant refreshing, dewy complexion.”


Bioderma Hydrabio Hyalu+ serum, 30 ML, $52.99  


The texture of this serum is super smooth; the product goes on easily—almost like a gel—and is instantly absorbed by the skin. Plus, its non-greasy formula has an incredible light scent that’s fresh and clean; it dries super quickly, leaving a matte finish that is great for concealing any pesky fine lines or wrinkles; and it’s a perfect way to prep for makeup.

The advanced Hyalu+ technology actually teaches your skin to reactivate its natural hydration mechanisms and keep moisture in, which is essential for balanced skin. While the product’s high molecular weight components provide deep hydration to the skin’s surface, the low ones enhance firmness and elasticity, delivering an anti-aging effect. In the long term, there’s a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles while the whole face feels plumper and tauter.

Skin instantly feels renewed and has what we like to call a “blurring” effect that helps it look smoother and hides flaws. “I really noticed it around my eyes and on my forehead”, says Joanna. “My skin definitely looked more polished and even.”

We all know that at some point, we will look in the mirror and see dull-looking skin that feels dry. Bioderma’s Hydrabio Hyalu+ serum provides an instant boost: Skin feels fresh and looks glowy, clearer and brighter. Try it for yourself and see how your own skin will transform!

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