Flowers and fancy brunches are lovely, but if you want to give a standout Mother’s Day gift that’ll elicit tears and endless thank yous, thoughtfully chosen jewellery is it. Crafting pieces that have contemporary design codes and are permeated with personal meaning, Pandora makes it count every time. Here, we’ve detailed eight of our top jewellery picks made for every kind of mom—from measured minimalists and unapologetic maximalists to sweet, sentimental types and more.

For the Flower Fanatic: Rose in Bloom Ring

Rose in Bloom Ring

She always has a vase of fresh-cut stems setting a soothing vibe in her forever-inviting home. Honour Mom’s love of blooms (and her unwavering generosity) with an everlasting rose. This sterling-silver piece features a swirling pavé band that culminates in a single highly detailed blossom. Now, tell us what grocery-store bouquet can do that.

Price: $65


For the Nostalgia Enthusiast: Padlock & Key Dangle Charm

Padlock & Key Dangle Charm

Mom’s love of all things vintage and sentimental will undoubtedly be satisfied by this sweet padlock and key charm duo. It can be worn on any one of Pandora’s chic base pieces—bracelets, earrings and chain necklaces included—or, for an extra-special gesture, you can separate the two, keeping one for you and one for her.

Price: $105


For the Style Sophisticate: Treated Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Pavé Collier Necklace

Treated Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Pavé Collier Necklace

If her tastes lean on the polished and refined side of things, a pretty pearl pendant is the way to go. Thanks to its versatile design, this adjustable chain style works as a subtle statement that stands on its own for special occasions or acts as the elevated base for a layered look.

Price: $150


For the Sparkle Seeker: Double Heart Sparkling Ring

Double Heart Sparkling Ring

If there’s anyone who deserves a bit of everyday bling adorning her finger, it’s Mom. Indulge her flashiest fantasies with the Double Heart Sparkling Ring, a pavé-flecked band punctuated by two heart-shaped stones lovingly nestled together, like a little symbol of your love.

Price: $130


For the BFF Mom: Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm

Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm

You and your mom’s standing daily chat—where any and every topic is on the table—is a testament to your unbreakable bond. Celebrate that connection with this 14-karat-rose-gold-plated pink-enamel charm with a lovable message engraved on the back: “Family Forever and Always.”

Price: $80


For the Fashion Minimalist: Pandora Moments Studded Chain Slider Bracelet

Pandora Moments Studded Chain Slider Bracelet

This mom’s sartorial ethos is simple: uncluttered, clean lines, timeless to a tee. For her, scoop this adjustable chain bracelet that can accommodate charms should she choose; it’s exactly the pared-back, wear-every-day piece her collection has been waiting for.

Price: $100


For the Heart-on-Her-Sleeve Type: Sparkling Infinity Heart Stud Earrings

Sparkling Infinity Heart Stud Earrings

Show her the love with this dainty pair of studs ingeniously imbued with sentimental meaning. Each openwork heart motif is garnished with twinkling cubic zirconia and enveloped in an asymmetrical infinity symbol representing the eternal love between family. (Cue the “awws”!)

Price: $70


For the Mom Who Lives for Tender Moments: Sparkling Infinity Heart Collier Necklace

Sparkling Infinity Heart Collier Necklace

Fervently snapping pics at every get-together, saving every single card she’s ever received—your mom pours everything into her family. Gift her with this infinity-sign-entwined heart necklace to show your appreciation. Adjustable to three different lengths for total ease, it’s one that’ll (of course) get repeat wear in her jewellery rotation.

Price: $100