Road-trip season is almost upon us—and we couldn’t be more ready. High up on our destination list? Parts of the Outaouais: a city-feel start in Gatineau that winds along the waterways, taking you through the must-visit villages of Chelsea and Wakefield.

These waterways (Les Chemins d’eau tourist route), intricately woven throughout the region, offer a unique perspective of the Outaouais, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in its natural splendor while exploring charming villages and cultural landmarks.

Here, we’ve curated a perfect weekend itinerary that leans on the beauty of the scenic route with a charming-meets-contemporary mélange of stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, Instagram-worthy stays, and plenty of gourmet destinations. 

What to Do: Eco-Odyssée Nature Park 

La Pêche, Quebec

Get into the great outdoors—like, really get into itat Eco-Odyssée Nature Park, where you can explore its vast water maze (spread over five breathtaking kilometres through an interwoven canal system) in your choice of watercraft. This marshland and labyrinth are ingeniously crafted with the help of the beavers, adding to its natural charm and intrigue.








What to Do: Canadian Museum of History 

Gatineau, Quebec

Set in a riverfront building designed by Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal, the Canadian Museum of History dives deep into 15,000 years of human history through personal stories and engaging exhibitions. 





Where to Stay: HOM Mini Chalets 

Val-des-Monts, Quebec

Settle into minimalist Scandi style at HOM Mini Chalets, compact cottages that give the vibe of camping but have all the luxuries you love. A treetop view, lakefront access and a private hot tub are some of the next-level perks. 








Where to Stay: Lofts du Village 

Chelsea, Quebec

If airy, open spaces and sky-high ceilings are your preferred getaway vibe, check into Lofts du Village, boutique lodging that delivers on clean lines and comfort (hello, Obasan mattresses!) in equal measure.  


Where to Eat: Les Fougères Restaurant 

Chelsea, Quebec

Celebrating something special? Take a seat at Les Fougères Restaurant, Chelsea’s inviting answer to elevated dining. Expect hyper-seasonal ingredients and can’t-miss dishes made with a variety of ingredients sourced from their own garden during the summer.








Where to Eat: Le Café Hibou 

Wakefield, Quebec

Alfresco dining has never been as appealing as it is at Le Café Hibou. On its terrace, contemporary takes on cool classics, like a lavender margarita and butter chicken poutine, are accompanied by views of the gorgeous Gatineau River. Plus, their dishes feature locally sourced seasonal produce, ensuring freshness and flavor in every bite.








Where to Eat: Caméline 

Gatineau, Quebec

Caméline has all the energy of an in-the-know neighbourhood spot with a warm approachability you’ll love. Menu highlights include a delicious focaccia made with locally sourced ingredients. Don’t forget to pair it with one of their carefully curated privately imported wines, while enjoying the ambiance of their charming terrace.







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Photos: Camille Labonté / Sébastien Lavallée / Hello Laroux / Myriam Baril-Tessier / Myriam Baril-Tessier / Myriam Baril-Tessier / Charles Régimbal