What do you really know about washing hair? If your answer is as simple as lather, rinse and repeat, you have a thing or two to learn about the delicate art of proper hair washing. Find out how to make all the right moves in the shower and never make a shampoo mistake again with these hair tips from Dhaval Patel—Research & Development Expert with Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy.

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Hair tips: Match product to hair type
There’s no beauty bible to follow when it comes to washing for healthy hair, so start with the basics and select a shampoo that matches your hair type. “This is the most common mistake female consumers make when buying a shampoo. Curly hair, dry hair, damaged hair – all of these hair types have different needs which can be addressed by using the relevant shampoo,” says Patel. Once you’ve found the right shampoo for your hair type, Patel advises using all of the products within one brand’s lineup to get a complete healthy hair care experience.
Hair tips: Experiment

Just like in the dating world, don’t be shallow when it comes to shampoo. “Not all expensive shampoos address the right needs, nor do the cheapest shampoos necessarily provide all the benefits. While price point should be one consideration, it is also important to select a shampoo that will deliver on performance and is targeted for your hair type,” says Patel. Read the labels on the bottle and pick a product based on the results you’re looking for, not the most luxe brands and ingredients.

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Hair tips: Watch your time
Ladies with both colour-treated stands and natural hair should be careful of how much time they’re spending in the shower. “Using lots of water when showering and washing hair makes hair colour leach out, and also frequent washes with any regular shampoo that is not designed for coloured hair tends to wash out colour,” says Patel. Keep washing to a minimum to avoid dry tresses and to maintain healthy hair, especially if you’ve recently dyed your hair.
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Hair tips: Too much product

Pay attention to how much product you are bombarding your locks with—too much chemical-rich shampoo can cause hair damage. “Shampoo does not usually cause product buildup. Conditioner and leave-on creams with a high level of silicone can cause buildup if overused. However, this can be avoided by regularly washing hair with
cleaning shampoos,” says Patel.


Hair tips: Look at the environment
We’ve all heard from our hairdressers and BFFs that we shouldn’t wash our hair every day because it isn’t good for the hair or scalp. But when we’re talking shampoo and healthy hair, there are other factors to consider. “How frequently you wash your hair should depend on how often you expose your hair to external, environmental factors (humidity, dirt, rain, pollution), what products you use (gels, hairsprays or other styling products) and what type of hair you have (wavy, straight, curly),” says Patel. Shampoo your tresses when they become greasy, or opt for a dry shampoo to avoid the shower for healthy hair.

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Hair tips: Is there a secret?
If you’ve ever wondered if there is some special way you should be washing your hair, think no more. “Unfortunately there is no secret way to wash your hair, but it is fairly common for consumers to wash their hair twice with shampoo before conditioning,” says Patel.

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