Allow Benny Blanco to tell the straight-from-a-rom-com story of how he realized his feelings for his girlfriend and longtime friend, Selena Gomez. He had his epiphany while they were doing a recording session, the music producer told WSJ magazine, but they were already friends for nearly a decade.

“I was the last one to know,” he admitted. “It’s crazy how your partner could just be sitting there the whole time, right in front of your eyes, and you don’t even notice, and then you have that Clueless moment where you’re like, ‘Wait, I’m in love.’”

Blanco and Gomez began dating June 2023, he shared. Gomez ultimately went public with their relationship in December. She defended Blanco on Instagram then, writing in one comment that he “has treated me better than any human being on this planet.”

Blanco told WSJ that he doesn’t read anything about him online, especially the negative comments. He and Gomez have spent some time long distance this month, and Blanco shared he was looking forward to taking Gomez to The Grill in New York City. Gomez “loves a good martini,” he said, and has never been to the Major Food Group restaurant.


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Blanco and Gomez were photographed at a Knicks game on Monday, their first public date in weeks. A source spoke to People earlier in April about how the couple was coping with being physically apart while Gomez works in New York.

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“They are so in love,” the source said. “It’s a very serious relationship, and they’re making long distance work while she’s in New York for work commitments.”

“Benny makes her feel special and they try to see each other as much as possible,” the source added. “She really does feel like it’s the best she’s ever been treated by a guy, and she’s had a certain glow since they started dating.”

This story originally appeared in ELLE US.

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