As we head toward warmer days, I’m proud to present our May issue, which shines a spotlight on inspiring women. I know, I know—this term has been overused. From clothing-brand ads to political campaigns, we see it everywhere. But I want to help return it to its former glory because inspiring women everywhere—including the women who make up this impressive edition of ELLE Canada—deserve it.

There is, of course, our cover star, Nelly Furtado, who is redefining herself while staying true to her values. We also feature actor and comedian Hannah Einbinder, who had a breakout role in the series Hacks, which is a heartfelt examination of women’s relationships and aging. We speak with three players from the PWHL who love to showcase their unique sense of fashion (and team pride); personal stylists from across the country who help women feel confident; Sage Paul, co-founder of Indigenous Fashion Arts, on the upcoming festival; and female designers who are working to bring about change in their male-dominated industry. We interview bodybuilder turned actor Katy O’Brian about her new noir-romance film, Love Lies Bleeding, and writer Yulin Kuang about creating her own love stories. Finally, we close the issue with the late, great Iris Apfel, an exceptional style icon who inspired us all—and continues to do so.

For my part, the women I admire and find inspiring are all unapologetically themselves. No matter what they do or who they are, they’re not afraid to show all the aspects of themselves that make them unique—the beautiful, the ugly and everything in between. For them, vulnerability and honesty are not weaknesses. On the contrary, they’re signs of confidence, success and courage. I’m attracted to women who have insight and perspective, women who have refined their emotional maturity and use it to help, listen to and guide others and women who uplift one another. So it’s no coincidence that the women we include in our pages month after month also have these positive leadership qualities. By highlighting these very people, we also hope to inspire you.

Happy reading!

sophie banford

The May 2023 issue of ELLE Canada will hit newsstands and Apple News+ on April 22, 2024.

Photography: Andréanne Gauthier; Stylist, Vanessa Giroux; Makeup artist, Sophie Parrot.
S. Banford is wearing a shirt by Loewe (at Holt Renfew), jeans by Zimmerman (at Holt Renfrew) and jewellery by Drae Collection (at Simons).

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Nelly Furtado is wearing a top and dress by Eliza Faulkner, shoes by Balmain (at Hudson’s Bay), bracelets by Jenny Bird (left wrist), a necklace by Par Ici and the stylist’s own bracelets (right wrist), earrings and rings. Editor-in-chief Joanna Fox Publisher Sophie Banford Photographer Justin Aranha Creative director and stylist Nariman Janghorban Makeup artist Susana Hong Hairstylist Chanel Croker Manicurist Tiffany Sachs Set designer Kendra Martyn Editorial producer Estelle Gervais On-set producer Laura Malisan Production assistant Claire Poulter-Baker Photographer’s assistants Nika Thompson, Judy Gu and Josh Hotz Stylist’s assistants Rizelle Sadcopen, Kaylah Wilson and Miki Diamond Set-design assistant Kira Evenson