You likely take the time out of your busy schedule to see the doctor when you’re sick. You might even speak to a therapist to reduce stress or go to a Pilates class to improve your core strength. But how much thought do you give to your sexual health? It’s not just about the absence of disease or dysfunction. It’s about having a healthy relationship with your body and enjoying safe, pleasurable experiences that are emotionally and physically fulfilling.

If you think you’re ready to prioritize your sexual wellness, there are some tools that can help. Not only are they easy to incorporate into your life but they were designed in collaboration with health-care professionals and are made of high-quality ingredients that are safe for intimate areas. (Not to mention, they have a ton of positive reviews based on tens of thousands of sales!) Read on to see if these goodies from Canadian company Floravi check your boxes.

Vaginal weights

Your pelvic-floor muscles support your bladder, bowel and uterus. When they’re strong, they help prevent bladder and bowel leaks, hold organs in place and boost sexual function and orgasm strength. The problem? Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, obesity, heavy lifting and chronic constipation can all weaken the pelvic floor. In fact, more than 30 percent of women ages 35 to 50 suffer from urinary leakage*.

Whether you’re looking to combat pelvic-floor weakness or prevent it, consider using vaginal weights like this high-quality silicone version from Floravi. Like dumbbells you might use in a gym, vaginal weights create resistance that stimulates the muscles to build strength, elasticity and neuromuscular control. Start by inserting the weights into your vagina for just 30 minutes per day and build up from there.

Price: $53


Water-based lube

The amount of natural lubrication your body produces during sexy time depends on a range of factors: age, diet, hydration and stress. Without enough slip, you may experience uncomfortable sensations like burning, itching and even tearing. A water-based personal lube can help to reduce friction, increase sensation and make the overall experience more enjoyable for all partners. This non-sticky hypoallergenic formula from Floravi is free of perfume and alcohol and compatible with latex condoms and vaginal weights. You can also use it with intimate toys and for a variety of sexual practices.

Floravi Lube

Price: $17


Gentle antibacterial cleanser

If erotic accessories are part of your repertoire, whether you use them with a partner or on your own, it’s important to keep their surface clear of dust, bacteria and other contaminants. That’s where Floravi’s sterile spray comes in. Before and after you use a toy, simply mist its entire surface, wait one minute and then rinse and dry it with a clean washcloth. The spray doesn’t contain alcohol and can be used to disinfect the vulva/perineum and reduce odour too.

Floravi cleanser

Price: $22


*Scientific review: Le Quotidien du médecin


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