While we’re all for changing up our hairstyle every now and then, there are certain treatments we expect to last, especially when it comes to our hair colour. Whether you’re going for
rich brown hair or a
fiery red shade, “it’s important that you leave the house feeling as confident as you did when you left the chair,” says Marco Ghasabani, artistic director and co-owner of
Studio 180 Hair Design in Toronto. Ghasabani gives us his expert tips on keeping hair colour fresh at-home and preventing it from fading out quickly.


1. Do you have healthy hair?

The condition of your hair right now will help determine how long freshly applied hair colour will last. “It depends on hair growth and the amount of times you wash your hair,” says Ghasabani. Consider the density of the hair—how thin and weak it is—as well as if it’s already been colour-treated—these are huge factors that accelerate colour fading.

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2. Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner—as always

Don’t do anything to hair 24 to 48 hours after it has been colour treated—especially washing it. And when you do wash hair, “use cold water, as it keeps the cuticle closed,” says Ghasabani. “This keeps hair colour from bleeding out.” And use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner meant for your specific hair colour, to add some of the colour back into hair as the dye is being washed out.

3. Use colour-protecting hair products

After washing hair, run a colour-protecting serum throughout. “Hair needs nourishment, so you should put back in if you’re taking stuff out,” Ghasabani says. “A colour-protecting serum coats the hair and protects it from heat and humidity.” Stay away from products containing sulphate, a strong cleaning agent that removes hair colour. Try L’Oreal Tecni Art Hairmix Supreme Smooth cream to hydrate hair while strengthening it.

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3 more hair colour tips to keep blonde, red and brown hair from fading…

haircolourcanvas.jpg4. Try a protein hair treatment
It should come as no surprise that hair colour will last longer on healthy hair. “When hair is dyed and damaged, the cuticle is porous,” says Ghasabani. Hair colour sticks to these gaps, creating darker areas in each strand but fades out just as quickly. “The solution to this is a hard protein treatment, which closes the cuticle so colour is locked in evenly.” He recommends heading to your salon for a protein treatment a few days before your hair colour appointment.

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5. Use a semi-permanent hair colour
Unless you’re covering stubborn grey hairs, a semi-permanent hair colour is the way to go. “A semi-permanent dye lifts and deposits colour into the hair and fades naturally,” he says. A permanent colour risks the health of hair and limits the variety of to change up shades in the future. A semi-permanent dye allows you to play with your colour and hop between rich auburn and slightly darker brown hair shades each visit, especially “if you’re the type of person who likes to change your hair colour frequently.” Just keep in mind that anything with a red tone in it tends to fade faster.

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6. Remember—all hair colour is meant to fade
Your creamy brown hair isn’t quite as luminous as it was the day you left the salon three weeks ago—that’s okay, it’s supposed to happen. “Hair colour is designed to fade,” assures Ghasabani. “That way when roots grow, it eliminates the hard between two colours.” And when this happens, it’s time to hit up the salon for a fresh application again.

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