Hold on one second before jumping on the Botox bandwagon—if you’re trying to look younger, some simple changes to your hair may be all you need to shave some years off how old you appear. And these tricks don’t require any needles whatsoever (and some only call for a few minutes of your time and effort).

Hair styles: Enjoy fringe benefits

Yes, having your stylist cut you some bangs is a quick change that can erase years off your age—think of how they provide instant coverage to aging lines on your forehead, for example.
Bangs can be youthful especially when cut so that they curve outwards, as this opens up your face, says Rabi Bazzi, a stylist at Bruno Desjardins salon in Montreal. Be careful, though. Fringe is not always an instant antiager for everyone. If you have a small face or short neck, bangs may cover up too much of your face and create shadows and darkness on your face.

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Hair styles: Shampoo away excess buildup

Your regular shampoo may have ingredients that are making your hair over time more greasy and lacklustre. Add to that the buildup of pollutants and other factors, and we’re talking about some dull looking hair. Bazzi recommends using a clarifying shampoo every six weeks that will remove this excess buildup. One of his favourites is René Furterer Fioravanti. The vinegar content of this rinse acts almost like an exfoliant to the hair, removing the unwanted buildup on the strands, he says.

Hair styles: Boost shine and strength

Your regimen of flat ironing and blow drying may help your hair look great every day but over time all of that heat styling will damage your hair and zap it of shine and resiliency. Rob Pupo, the creative director of Industry salon in Toronto, suggests looking to hair products that are borrowing science from the skin care world. The Schwarzkopf Royal Absolutes line of colour, for example, boasts Biotin S technology. “This will smooth the cuticle and
create shiny hair—it’s been used to help in smoothing fine line and repairing dry skin, and now we can apply it to benefitting hair,” he says. Similarly, for styling, the Schwarzkopf BC line is infused with coenzyme Q10, which stimulates keratin production and with regular use will help bring your hair back to a more elastic, healthy state.


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Hair styles: Part your hair in a more youthful way

“Think of your childhood or teen years—the natural part in the centre is quite youthful and can immediately take years off your look,” says Bazzi. That said, this part can be more severe on some people despite this (especially if you have grey hair and this helps to put your silver hair in the spotlight). Experiment with more edgy parts then – try a zig zag or a diagonal part. “This adds more attitude and edge and is less traditional,” he says of these playful options.

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Hair styles: Get an effortless-looking haircut

This will require finding an experienced stylist who understands your hair, but in general, he or she should likely not be using thinning shears and razors. “I always stay away from those so as to not rip the hair shaft, and opting for progressive cuts that look simple and effortless,” says Pupo. He also leans toward leaving longer lengths heavier through the lengths and ends, adding movement to the sides and top lengths, for a youthful look.

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