The road to voluminous, big hair has been a treacherous venture for women dating back generation after generation. Despite our best efforts with routine hair styling, the roadblocks to achieving hair volume always seem to stop us in our tracks. Never let your hair fall flat or disappoint again with these expert tips from two hairstyling pros: Alain Larivée—salon owner and hairstylist for John Frieda—and Diana Carreiro—hairstylist and makeup artist for PageOne—to get a massive mane and hair with major volume.

6 CURLY HAIR RULES to live by

Big hair: Style volume by the roots
The first sign on the map to creating big hair is to begin with a volume-enhancing cut. “Adding layers to all hair types will help lighten the load, making it easier to achieve voluminous hairstyles. Those with fine, limp hair should consider adding highlights and lowlights for added texture,” says Carreiro.

After getting the perfect shape, you want to encourage the hair to be a healthy home for volume through styling tools. “Proper back-combing can also emphasize volume. To do so, place a brush or comb in the middle of a combed-out section of hair and brush downwards to the roots,” says Larivée. (Try John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray for maximum volume and staying power.) After teasing and brushing, use heat styling tools to amp up the volume. “Blow-dry hair against the grain. Push hair to one side and blast roots, then push hair to the other side and repeat,” says Carreiro.


Throughout the day you need to make sure your hair is maintaining fullness and that your hairstyle is conducive to volume. “Avoid the weather! Stay indoors or create a style that is venue-appropriate. Humidity, rain and high heat can make hair fall flat. That’s why low-maintenance styles like braids are so popular during the summertime,” says Larivée.

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Big hair: Product placement

A new cut and
proper use of styling tools are only the first steps to hair with volume—correct product usage is also essential. “Stop over-spraying. The weight of excess product will weigh down your do. Start with a smaller amount of product and add more later if needed. Travel-sized products are great for on-the-go touch-ups,” says Larivée.


Remember to use products that aid in your styling routine to steer yourself in the direction of amazing volume. “Volumizing mousse, root boosters and styling sprays containing heat-activated polymers will help turn up hair’s volume,” says Larivée. The way you’re working product into hair will also determine the intensity of your hair volume. “Apply a dollop of volumizing mousse to scalp and blow dry roots by pulling hair straight up towards the ceiling. Blast with cold air to set,” says Carreiro. (Try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to uplift locks.)

And finally, you need to be aware of how your hair’s volume is altered by your shower routine. “Use silicone-free hair products and a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove hair product buildup. Then refresh hair mid-day with a blast of dry shampoo or texturizing spray at the roots,” says Carreiro. Follow up with a light conditioner to motivate hair and raise it to new levels. “Apply conditioner to ends only to avoid weighing down the roots,” adds Carreiro.


We’ve set you on your way to hair with volume, but before you pass go and collect $200, Larivée has one last green-light tip for you: “Get your hands out of your hair. Quite simply, the less you play with your hair the longer your style will last.”

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