It seems like just yesterday when we were worrying about protecting our hair from the inevitable
halo of the frizz that comes with the humidity of summer. And now we’re already looking for ways to prevent dull and dry hair throughout the winter. So regardless of the season, the ultimate goal of hair care is to stay healthy and hydrated.

To start, “you’re definitely going to want to change from your summer your to winter hair products,” says Joey Marchese, a Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Artist. “And sticking with moisturizing properties and treatment to keep that moisture in the hair so you don’t get flyaways, breakage, or any
frizz in the hair due to dryness.”

We asked Marchese to share a few more fall transition hair care tips to last us throughout the winter.


1. Get back to moisture

It’s not just the extra layers of cozy fall sweaters that we need to add on with the drop in temperature. “Our bodies go through a change and our hair does as a result of that,” Marchese explains. “So you may notice as we get into the winter months that our hair is a little dryer, it’s not growing as fast, and the humidity goes away.” The lack of moisture in the air is what causes dry hair and
leads to breakage.

“Things will definitely need to be adjusted from summer,” Marchese assures. Look for products with more moisturizing properties. Start with switching your shampoo and conditioner to creamier, more hydrating hair products. Try Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner to treat dry hair.

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2. Keep up with your sun-prevention hair care

Marchese recommends that we continue looking for hair products that contain an SPF, even as we move into fall. “SPF is always a good thing to have in your hair,” he says. “The sun is always there, and there’s always going to be damage from the sun.” And you’ll want your hair to stay protected from those especially sunny periods—especially since Canadian winters (much like our summers) are known for their unpredictable and dramatic changes on a day-to-day basis.


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fall-hair-transition-page-2.jpg3. Up your Vitamin D intake
And since there’s a lot less exposure to the sun, and it tends to be dark when leave for work in the morning and return home at night, the lack of Vitamin D this time of year affects the health of our hair. “Vitamin D is a big factor in our hair growth, nails and our skin, as they’re all connected,” says Marchese. This can also result in hair that doesn’t grow as fast during the winter months (not the best news if you’re trying to grow out your bangs this season).


4. Beat those flyaways
While summer hair suffers from frizz as a result of humidity in the air, “The fall/winter equivalent is generally flyaway hair just due to dryness,” says Marchese. “So that’s why we say to just keep it nice and moisturized to help reduce flyaways and dryness in the hair.” Well-moisturized locks tend to look healthy and shiny as a result.

“Two of the biggest things that I think people are worried about are shine and condition—the feeling of the hair, the way it looks.” Use a hair oil daily to keep your locks well-hydrated.

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5. Did we mention moisture?
When clearing out your summer hair products, stow away the water or gel-based products for achieving volume and height. “I’ll always switch into something that’s a little softer or a little bit more creamy,” says Marchese. Especially when it comes to achieving those highly texturized and punk-inspired fall hairstyles. “Texture is huge this winter,” he says, (to achieve the look, he recommends Osis Thrill Texture Fibre Gum). “Use the paste to get volume—it has a lot of moisturizing properties to keep the hair nice and soft.”

But regardless of the various hairstyles we’re trying to achieve this season, it really comes down to one thing: “Having that soft, airy feeling is always something we worry about in the winter,” says Marchese.

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