The boundaries on short hairstyles—hair texture, face shape, lifestyle—no longer apply. Just about anybody, from women with thick and curly to fine hair types, can take their long hair to shorter lengths. We chatted with Ian Setiawan, a hair stylist at Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt Toronto, to glean his expert tips for getting and styling a short haircut, and why you can easily rock the look too.

Short hairstyles: Ready to commit?

So you already decided to chop off your long hair—the hard part is over, right? Not exactly. The reality is that short hair requires a daily commitment to maintain the look. The good news? “Just about anyone can have a short haircut and make it fun, while making it your own and personalizing that look,” says Setiawan. “It really boils down to lifestyle, your personality and the amount of time you would like to commit to hair care.”

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Unfortunately a wash and go hairstyle simply isn’t conducive to a chin-length bob. “I caution ladies with a very busy lifestyle and those with limited time to think it through before the big cut,” he says. “Creating a good look with short hair initially takes time and a bit more thought to make the change work for you.” Leave extra prep time for morning beauty routine to master your short haircut. “Once you get used to it, then it becomes lower maintenance time wise.” His time-saving styling tip? “Crunch, tousle, elixir and go!” (For a glossy finish, run Kérastase Ultime Elixir hair oil through wet hair.)

Short hairstyles: For every hair type

Consider the reigning short-haired celebs: Anne Hathaway’s full and shiny pixie, Michelle Williams’ sleek and polished side-swept cut and Halle Berry’s signature (and spiky again) locks. Full, thin and wavy hair— literally every hair type can rock a shorter style. Just let the texture of hair influence how it’s cut. “It is really important to consider hair type because it will totally determine the outcome of the style and the desired look,” explains Setiawan.

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Short hairstyles: Just keep trimming

So how short is a short haircut? “This is determined by texture, style and length,” he says. “There are so many different lengths of short.” Just keep in mind that regular maintenance is required for short hairstyles as grown-out tresses are more easily noticed. “It could be less daily maintenance, however they must come every four to six weeks for a cut to keep the style.” And for our curly-haired friends out there who are making the snip: “Keep length below the shoulders with layers to
show off the curls so they are more defined,” he says.

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Short hairstyles: Can you rock a pixie cut?

If Beyoncé can take the scissors to her trademark full and luscious locks then we can all be inspired to take the plunge—if you’re so inclined. “It can
make hair look fuller, however product is key to enhance and make the hair more texturized without weighing down the hair,” says Setiawan. Try Schwarzkopf Osis Rough Rubber Paste to add volume or work in a kink to the hair. “The challenge is to keep the femme look. It’s playful with a flair.” Just what we love about short-haired girls.

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