Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes. What do all of these stars have in common? They’ve all
rocked hair styles with bangs from time to time and have looked stunning doing so. "
Bangs are a great way to change your hair style without doing anything too drastic," says Johnny Lavoy. From wispy bangs to side-swept, it freshens up your look without having to cut off all your hair, says the L’Oreal Paris consulting stylist.

Considering a fringe cut? These pointers will help get you snip shape hair styles with bangs.

Be realistic when it comes to bang trends

"This season we’re seeing a lot of eyelash length bangs," says Lavoy, who says that this style is not practical for everyday real life. He advises keeping in mind that what you see on the runway ("on a 16-year-old Amazon of a model," says Lavoy) is something that few people can pull off. But (phew, there’s a "but"!), the hair pro says there’s always a version you can do of the look. "Take the shape, but adjust the length–rather than hitting at the lashes, which will drive the average woman crazy throughout the day."

Do it for the ultimate fringe benefit: Looking more youthful

Have lines on your forehead and reluctant to try Botox (or perhaps it’s simply not within your budget)? Cutting a fringe will help hide those lines, says Lavoy, and instantly take years off of your appearance.

Not ready to commit? Experiment with extensions

What a lot of people don’t realize is that with celebs and models, a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, says Lavoy, who adds that on
Project Runway he often uses clip-on extensions as a way to play with bangs.

Master trimming choppy bangs on your own at home

Lavoy doesn’t recommend DIY blunt-bangs trims as any mistake will be quite obvious, but for softer, choppy bangs, here’s what he advises: Using the tips of your scissors, hold them vertically and snip a little at a time with no tension to your hair. "Don’t hold your hair as you have to account for shrinkage," he says. For all other fringe styles, go see your stylist; most stylists will offer their clients free fringe trims.

Learn how to trim your own bangs, and how to find your ultimate bangs on the next page …

Make growing out your fringe bearable

Already taken the fringe plunge and ready to be bang-less again? Since they can take awhile to grow out, Lavoy offers some style ideas on managing your growing-out-the-fringe stage: "Play with accessories such as headbands; braid your fringe to the side, or slick all of your hair back," he says. If you have blunt bangs, as you grow them out, he suggests trying an angled fringe, which covers your forehead, going from the top of the nose to the cheekbone.

Find your ultimate fringe
If you have a very low hairline…

Go for a sideswept bang to help minimize the appearance of your small forehead. Any other style may close in your face, says Lavoy.

If you have a heart-shaped face…

Blunt bangs (think
Zooey Deschanel) are flattering for your face shape. But don’t go too far into the temple. "The idea is to create a different focal point," explains Lavoy.

If you have an oval face…

You’ve got carte blanche when it comes to fringe styles as you can do just about any type, says Lavoy.

If you have a long face…

A side-swept bang will suit you best as it’ll break up the vertical length of your face, drawing the focus more horizontally.

If you’ve got curly hair…

straightening your bangs while leaving the rest of your hair curly. "Unless you’re styling all of your hair to be smooth, it can look very teenage to have the straight fringe with curly hair," says Lavoy.

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