This season, short haircuts and the bold women sporting them are finally getting their due. The edgy pixie cuts and
bold fringe bangs spotted on the Fall 2013 runways are sophisticated updates from the ’80s-inspired short hairstyles they’re based on. And there’s so much room to play around with the different looks. “Hair is an accessory that you can wear and change everyday,” says Elena Bogdanets, art director and principal stylist at Figaro Salon in Toronto. “That’s how we create a personal style.”

We chatted with Bogdanets and Roch LeMay, Matrix lead educator, for a roundup of the hottest short hairstyles for Fall 2013, and how to get each look yourself—should you be so bold.


The textured pixie

One word perfectly sums up the contemporary and edgy twist to the delicate pixie cut: Beyoncé. “It’s very powerful and has to be beautiful,” says LeMay, commenting on the movement toward texture that’s fiercely overhauled today’s pixie cut. “She’s someone who knows what she wants—that’s the character of short hair.” Adding to the boldness of this cut is the
strong side part (usually on the left side). And the high-volume look and relaxed wave of one of our favourite short haircuts
adds body to fine hair. “The pixie looks good when it has a messy, shaggy effect,” he adds.

Ask your stylist what product will work best on your hair for this style. “To
create texture, we can use pomade, wax, gel, powder,” says Bogdanets. “To add volume, we can use mousse, root lifter, gel—the main idea is to find what will for work your hair. It helps save time.” And that’s one of the obvious appeals of a short haircut.


The modern shag

This is a direct descendant of the ’80s, David Bowie-inspired short hairstyle, but with a contemporary and sophisticated twist. “It’s back, and to be honest, I don’t think it’ll ever die,” says LeMay, citing the deconstructed mullet from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2013 runway. “Go for a solid, bold colour—platinum, blue-black or deep purple,” he says. “No texture—highlights weaken its character.”

And this look is anything but timid. “People with very short hair, they’re very open-minded mostly and they like to play,” says Bogdanets. “By
changing the colour, we can create a different look every time.”

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The blunt fringe

Though it sounds harsh,
the blunt bang is actually a lot softer and more natural looking than its name leads on. “It’s longer, with more movement,” explains LeMay. Part of this relaxed style is due to product (try Matrix Thermo Glide Express Blowout Créme). For a soft touch, blow dry hair upside down using just your hands to comb through, and the flip back over.

The beauty about of the soft fringe bang is that—finally—achieving an effortless hairstyle is actually as easy as it sounds. “If you have a good haircut, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling at all,” says Bogdanets, as hair should be cut to match not only your face structure, but your personal style and lifestyle needs as well.

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The maintenance on short hairstyles depends on the specific look your trying to achieve, but returning to the salon for a cut every six weeks is the ideal. “For short bangs, come every three weeks to maintain the length,” says Bogdanets. “For an asymmetrical, edgy cut, come back every four to five weeks for a perfect look.”

The demi-bob (lob)

Arizona Muse, Karlie Kloss, our beauty and health editor Katherine Flemming—everyone is moving toward the lob haircut this season. “It’s a relaxing style that’s easy to maintain and fashionable,” says LeMay about the blunt, grown-out bob. “It’s perfect for active women who don’t have a lot of time, but it’s natural looking and feminine.”

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For an edgier look straight off the Gucci and Christian Dior’s Fall 2013 runways, try the grunge wet look effect. “Blow dry hair just at the roots to provide lift and volume,” says LeMay. “Then keep humidity in by using a gel to define ends for a glossy finish.”

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