Skip the morning blow-out ritual

“I LOVE dry shampoo – it makes my blow-outs last longer and means I can skip a day of washing my hair (a must when I’m rushing out the door for a breakfast event!). I also use them to add volume and texture to my locks. My favourite brands have to be Ojon ( and Rene Furterer ( —
Sarah Daniel-Dolphin; Assistant Editor.

How to add shine

“The best styling advice I have ever received was from Orlando Pita who told me to rinse my hair in cold water at the end of the shower. It seals the hair cuticles and locks in the shine and moisture you just added with your shampoo and conditioning treatment. Hot water has a tendency of having the opposite affect: it can open your follicles making your hair appear dull and dry. After that, give your hair a blast of cool air at the end of blow-drying for the very same reason – your hair will look and feel so luxuriously soft. These tips really do work.” —
Sarah Daniel-Dolphin; Assistant Editor.

Add volume to limp locks

“The Volumizing Spray by Oscar Blandi ( rocks. Spray the product straight on the roots, near the crown of your head, to add va-va-va-voom volume and lift. It is enriched with a wheat protein, so by adding some heat (ie: blow-drying) it fortifies your hair and gives flexible hold to your desired style with no residue left behind.” —
Sarah Daniel-Dolphin; Assistant Editor.

Achieve a polished pony

“I am obsessed with Sephora’s snag-free elastics (, thanks, in part, to the ponytails I saw on the Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren runways. They don’t pull or break the hair strands and best of all, they stay put!” —
Sarah Daniel-Dolphin; Assistant Editor.
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Invest in a high-quality hairbrush

“Pantene stylist, Hallie Bowman is a big fan of the English brand of hairbrushes Mason Pearson and I can see why. The bristles are made of natural fibers like boar and nylon which, when used, give you the tension you need to brush your hair from scalp to tip. They’re great for combing through your hair to add shine. Expensive, yes, but well worth the investment.” —
Sarah Daniel-Dolphin; Assistant Editor.

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Stop the frizz factor

“Never skip conditioner. It’s an integral step in the process because it moisturizes hair and protects it from the harsh elements like blow-drying and styling. Deep-condition every second week to restore shine and gloss after it has been abused with hair care tools. Try Origins Rich Rewards Intensive Moisture Treatment for Scalp and Hair (” –-
Catherine Franklin; Beauty and Health Editor

Perfect the casual coif

“Unwashed hair is easier to work with than freshly washed. Skip the night in of washing your hair to achieve a just-out-of-bed bun or a tousled head of curls.” —
Catherine Franklin; Beauty and Health Editor

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