Q: I have curly hair and I am trying to grow it out but it’s taking for ever. When I try to straighten it just goes curly again. What can I do to make it go straight and stay that way while I try to grow it out?

A:To get the straight answer on getting straight hair I asked my friend Lorraine McAndrew, Creative Director at Vidal Sassoon Salon in Toronto, her best tips.

Straightening curly hair is often difficult, but the good news is it isn’t impossible to do yourself. The process is made easier with the use of styling products and tools. To assist with detangling your curls and for additional hold, apply a product such as Kerastase Lait Nutri-Sculpt (a leave-in smoothing hair foundation) to wet hair. Before using a flat-iron make sure hair is completely dry, then separate hair into fine sections and spray in a finishing product such as Kerastase Vernis Nutri-Sculpt which helps boost shine and protects the hair from the iron’s heat. Also, since it sounds like you will be heat styling your hair daily, I would recommend investing in a salon quality styling tool such as the Chi Ceramic Flat Iron. Alternatively, you may want to consult your stylist should you be interested in chemically straightening your hair permanently.*

*Note – Vidal Sassoon Salon does not offer straightening perms.

Q: I want to straighten my hair but when I try, my hair gets all static-y. How can I straighten my hair without all the static?

A:Static is no fun — except perhaps in Grade 9 science class — so I went to Dylan Sit, creative director and master stylist at Civello Queen St. in Toronto, for advice for this ELLE Canada reader. She says:

“When straightening, you want to make sure you use a serum to seal the hair. Hair gets static-y when there is no moisture. When you apply heat to the hair, you further rob it of moisture. A serum will seal the cuticle and add moisture and shine.

“Try a lightweight serum like Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to protect the hair from the heat of the flatiron or blow-dryer. It also adds an allover sheen without making the hair look greasy.”

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Q: I have long hair to the middle of my back and it is very thick. I got a perm about 2 years ago and I loved it – so when the perm started to grow out, I got a second perm. That perm fried my hair. I can only put it up in an up-do, or straighten it. It does not look right when I leave it down. Either way it takes me an hour every day to do my hair. It’s very high maintenance, I want to get something simple done to it, but something that wont have to be changed when the perm grows out… Any recommendations?

A:This is quite the hair dilemma! I asked Lorraine McAndrew, Creative Director at Vidal Sassoon Salon in Toronto to help this reader out.

That’s a great question! Perms do tend to dry out the hair and since you’re looking for a style that is a little less high maintenance, I would suggest a good haircut. I encourage you to visit a salon and consult with a stylist to determine the condition of your hair and a style best suited to you. The stylist can then adapt the cut so that as your hair grows you can gradually achieve your desired look.

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