1. Brushing your hair 100 strokes a night will keep it healthy and shiny. FALSE. However, brushing with a pure-bristle brush spreads natural oils along the hair shaft, making your mane appear glossier, says John Steinberg, a hairstylist and the owner of John Steinberg & Associates in Toronto. As for how many strokes, it’s up to you – a hundred isn’t excessive if you use the right brush.

2. Split ends can be repaired. FALSE. A trim is the best way to deal with split ends – it stops them from fraying up the entire hair shaft. However, if you have left them too long or are genetically prone to split ends, you can mask them with salon products that contain emollients and sealing agents, like Kérastase Nutritive Nutri-Sculpt Serum ($40), says Steinberg. “With long-term use – we’re talking 10 years or so – they may fix the problem,” he adds. Meanwhile, be kind to new growth and go easy on the bleaching.

3. You should change your shampoo and conditioner ever few months because you hair gets “used” to them. PARTIALLY TRUE. You should change your hair products twice a year – but not because you build up a so-called “immunity” to them. Rather, the change of season – from hot and humid to dry and cold – calls for better moisturizing products, says Steinberg.

4. You shouldn’t wash your hair every day. FALSE. Thanks to product advancements over the past decade, washing your hair every day isn’t damaging, says Steinberg. As long as you use a conditioner after shampooing, you won’t dry out your hair.

5. After highlighting or colouring your hair, wait two days before washing it to preserve the colour. FALSE. If you’ve had a salon colour treatment, you can wash your hair the next day, says Steinberg. But if you’ve gone the DIY route, follow the at-home kit instructions, which usually recommend waiting 24 hours or more. An at-home gloss, like John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine ($15), will keep colour fresh between touch-ups.

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