For more than 30 years, Avène Dermatological Laboratories has been creating innovative skincare products for the face and body that deliver effective, safe and natural-looking results. In every jar of Avène skincare, regardless of the targeted skin type and stage of life, there’s a remarkable active ingredient: Avène Thermal Spring Water, internationally recognized for the soothing and rebalancing properties it has on the skin barrier.

Among Avène’s most recent new products on the market are five dermatological serums for healthy, supple skin. The good news? Members of the ELLE team have tested them for you. Here’s what they found.

Alex GonthierAvène Hydrance Boost Concentrated Hydrating Serum 

Tested by: Alex Gonthier, digital content manager of ELLE Quebec, 29 years old

What it promises: This serum is enriched with Avène Thermal Spring Water, Vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid to provide 48 hours of intense skin hydration.

What she thought of it: “It’s perfect for temperature changes and dehydration. This serum seems to rehydrate my skin all day and makes it more supple and have more elasticity. Plus, I was delighted by its subtle fragrance.”

Avène Sérum Hydrance BOOST

Price: $56


Samantha PuthAvène Cicalfate+ Intensive Skin Recovery Serum

Tested by: Samantha Puth, art director, 31 years old

What it promises: Thanks to panthenol, a dermatologically recognized active ingredient, this serum instantly soothes redness, dryness, tightness, discomfort and overheating.

What she thought of it: “From the first use, I found the texture of this serum very pleasing. After a month of use, my skin is softer, more hydrated and my complexion is more radiant and healthy-looking.”


Price: $59


Tammy HurteauAvène Hyaluron Activ B3 Concentrated Plumping Serum

Tested by: Tammy Hurteau, supervisor, multi-platform projects, 34 years old

What it promises: This serum aims to slow down the signs of aging, working on wrinkles and loss of firmness and radiance in particular, and prolong cell life thanks to hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

What she thought of it: “As it’s best to begin anti-aging skincare in your early 30s, I was happy to integrate this serum into my morning and nighttime routines. After only a few weeks of use, my complexion was brighter, my skin looked smoother and my pores were tighter. My sensitive skin also showed less redness.”

Avène Sérum Hyaluron ACTIV B3

Price: $75


Claudia TremblayAvène Vitamin Activ Cg Radiance Concentrated Serum 

Tested by: Claudia Tremblay, special projects manager, 28 years old

What it promises: The combination of vitamin Cg, bakuchiol and niacinamide in this serum works to reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines as well as boost skin’s radiance.

What she thought of it: “I love the ultralight texture of this serum, and it made my skin firmer and more radiant and evened out my complexion. Even my acne scars and fine lines seemed less noticeable after only four weeks.”

Avène Sérum Vitamin ACTIV C9

Price: $75


Noémie QuilleréAvène Cleanance A.H.A Exfoliating Serum 

Tested by: Noémie Quilleré, strategist, content and strategic partnerships, 27 years old

What it promises: This serum reduces the appearance of blemishes and scars caused by adult acne.

What she thought of it: “I have very sensitive skin and tend to get redness and have some hormonal acne. The first thing I liked about this serum was its smooth and pleasant texture, which didn’t leave my skin feeling oily. It also helped my pimples disappear faster, and my blemishes seemed less obvious the more I used it.”

Avène Sérum Cleanance

Price: $59


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