Is your skin coming out of the dry winter months looking dull and dehydrated? Have you noticed uneven, rough-to-the-touch texture? If so, it’s time to add a new exfoliant to your skincare routine. 

Facial exfoliants can improve your skin texture by removing dead cells that are stuck at the surface, which promotes the absorption of skincare products, boosts your complexion’s natural glow and creates a smoother canvas on which to apply makeup, making them an absolute all-star in your skincare arsenal. 

But not all ingredients are created equal. When it comes to chemical exfoliation, AHAs and BHAs reign supreme, helping visibly brighten skin, remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

These are among the active ingredients you’ll find in G. M. Collin’s brand-new Poly-Acid Peel Serum, with its potent combination of salicylic, phytic, lactic and glycolic acids. And if its concentration of 10 percent AHAs and 0.5 percent BHAs weren’t enough, the serum is also enhanced with prickly-pear-flower extract and galactoarabinan, both of which promote exfoliation.

This powerful formula is rounded out with locally sourced cranberry extract, which improves radiance; allantoin, aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate, which soothe and hydrate skin; and a combination of plankton extract and Matrixyl 3000, which reduce signs of aging. 

All in all, G. M. Collin’s Poly-Acid Peel Serum provides multi-level exfoliation and promotes skin renewal. The result? A skin texture that looks refined and feels smooth and soft as well as a flawless radiant complexion.

Apply at night—because your skin might be more sun-sensitive after exfoliation—and wait for the results to appear. 

Clinical tests performed on 120 participants* showed that after only one month’s use of the Poly-Acid Peel Serum, 100 percent of testers reported an improvement in skin texture and 99 percent noticed a decrease in total wrinkle length. And who doesn’t love a radiant complexion? Ninety-five percent of participants reported an improvement in skin hydration, and 93 percent noticed increased brightness as well. 

Time to reveal that new skin effect. One, two, three—let’s glow.