If Bridgerton is decadent dreamy escapism on TV, than the new collection from Lush in celebration of the show’s third season is an enticingly delicious compliment to the Bon Ton fun.

The collection of six limited products, which will be available online now and in stores May 20 while supplies last, are full of the floral, sweet, and heady scents that emanate from the screen and with colours that and symbols that hint at Penelope’s journey from wallflower to diamond.

“Bridgerton is a global phenomenon with incredible reach. We love the intriguing, decadent escapism that it brings to viewers, which aligns perfectly with what fans have come to know and expect from Lush,” says Melody Morton, Lush’s Creative Concepts Director. “The product range showcases the lovely, rich fragrances we use at Lush and we’re thrilled to share them with a wider audience.”

Below we’ve rounded some of the standouts of the collection which are most certainly worth taking a turn about the room.