At the 1999 premiere of the film Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, the latter was photographed in a red sequined Vivienne Tam gown and most notably, sporting unshaven armpits.


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Roberts’ decision to not shave, was one of the first notable times a woman had showcased their body hair in a mainstream way—and it garnered mixed reactions. Since then, celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson, Rachel McAdams and non-binary actor Emma Corrin have showcased their body hair in a public way.

The decision of whether or not someone shaves is totally personal, and have everything to do with the individual rather than the societal pressure they may face. Since its launch in 2017, beloved razor brand Billie, has prioritized this notion. Known as a disruptor in the shaving category, the brand is famous for being
the first women’s razor company to show body hair in ads. Five years later, their products are available in Canada.

“[My co-founder and I] identified there was this opportunity in the women’s side of shaving. When we kind of looked at the [shaving] category, you had these big legacy brands, that everyone knows. They’ve been around for over 100 years, and then you have these, direct-to-consumer brands that were popping up and gaining traction, but all catering to men’s. It felt like women were really an afterthought in this category,” explains Georgina Gooley, one of the co-founders of Billie.

“We wanted to come in really proudly as  a women-led brand, and think about how to  champion women in this category that has historically been dominated by these really strong male brands. That was the lens that we approached the entire building of Billie with—everything from how the product was made, making sure that it was designed for the way women shave and how we price the product.”


From the beginning, it’s clear Billie has been about more than just selling razors. For decades, the category charged women more for basic products, spoke to women in cliches and reinforced double standards around body hair.  As Gooley explains, Billie isn’t forcing any narratives about shaving on its users.

“We believe everything we do should champion womankind. Beyond selling fair-priced, high-quality products, it means reinforcing that what women do with their bodies should be their choice,” she says.

A recent survey conducted by Billie found that Canadians aged 18-54 are looking for brands that stand for something (71%) and represent diverse and minority communities (59%). Additionally, nearly 70% of respondents say they want to see more natural images of people in brand marketing.

“Now more than ever Canadian consumers are looking for brands that have a purpose and walk the walk,” says Amanda Rabbito, Brand Director, Women’s Shave, Edgewell Personal Care. “As our research shows, Canadians want brands that represent our diverse community in their marketing and stand for more than just their product, all things that have always been a part of the Billie DNA.”


Case in point, over the past few years,  more brands have started to embrace body hair. As the celebration continues, Billie will continue to be at the forefront of the movement and build a long-standing relationship with its customers.

“We’ve got ways to go, but it’s a really great that the awareness is there, and a lot of brands are participating. You’re seeing more options of how you can express yourself,” says Gooley. “The more you see that representation, the more comfortable you feel in taking back that choice that you have, because it is your choice.”

Billie products are available in-store and online at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.

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