International Women’s Day is a day where we salute the achievements and success of all women. While this day may only happen once a year, that doesn’t mean it should be the only day you toast to yourself and the amazing women around you. In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, we’ve rounded up our 15 favourite Instagram accounts that inspire, empower and celebrate women today – and every day. Hit follow for your daily dose of girl power.


A network of female-identifying and non-binary content creatives and visual storytellers, @girlgaze advocates to close the gender gap in male-dominated industries, from advertising, media and entertainment, to sports, fashion and beauty. Their well-curated feed is packed with amazing artwork made by underrepresented women.


The Good Place actress and body neutrality activist Jameela Jamil uses her platform to talk eating disorders, women’s reproductive rights, feminism and all things body-positive and mental health. Best known for consistently being vocal and vulnerable about her own experiences with body image, it’s impossible not to love her authenticity and feel empowered by it.


Passionate about the empowerment of women, media brand @makerswomen exists to accelerate the women’s movement through stories of real-life experiences. Their feed is full of inspiring speeches, eye-opening interviews (Oprah, Shonda Rhimes and Lena Dunham, to name a few) and motivational quotes from women who continue to change the world.


Dedicated to the advancement of women, @ladiesgetpaid takes female empowerment one step further by offering resources to grow your career and bank account. The account holds weekly webinars on how to level-up in a male-dominated field.


A platform where “women are celebrated, uplifted, supported, and empowered every day,” @femalecollective features inspirational quotes about self-love and all kinds of girl power memes and feminist humour.


Showcasing the incredible stories of Asian-Pacific women throughout history, Instagram archive @17.21women – 17.21 refers to the 17.21 million square miles that make up the continent of Asia – is a positive space where the legacy of influential Asian women is honoured through impactful visual representations.


This women’s empowerment account is the perfect place for your daily dose of relatable memes that will make your day. An inspiring feed that also features the kind of Gen Z humour we all need right now.


With its beautiful aesthetic, @recipesforselflove is an illustration-based Instagram account that celebrates all women and promotes diversity and inclusion.


Founded by model Adwoa Aboah, @gurlstalk is a safe space for women to discuss all kinds of issues without any judgment. From celebrating people with disabilities to conversations about the sexual objectification of women, this account is a biggie for anyone who’s sick of being told how to behave.


Referring to themselves as the “digital sisterhood for women of colour”– @thegirlmob really are just that. Their feed includes an array of female-empowering quotes, moving speeches, and much more.


United Nations’ @unwomen, dedicated to gender equality and women empowerment is an account to follow, stat. UN Women focuses on priority areas that can bring about progress across the board.


United Nations Foundation initiative @girlupcampaign advocates for equal treatment of women across the globe and strives to “unite girls to change the world”. Their feed features the real stories of women leaders who changed the game.


An online community committed to shedding light on mental health and the stigma around it, @sadgirlsclub strives to create a support system for girls who don’t have access to therapy or treatment.


@womenintheworld convenes the mighty female leaders, the blazing activists, and the courageous women of the world all on one page. If you’re looking for a more inspiring Instagram feed, look no further.


This nonprofit campaign has made it their mission to bridge the gap of female leadership in politics. They provide women with the support and education they need to enter into the political field.

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