This season, everything bold is new again, which explains our obsession with
jewel-studded brows and all things leather. So when models emerged on Jason Wu’s Fall 2012 runway with hair sleekly pulled back into a long, whip-like pony, we were overpowered by its commanding and rock star edge (and naturally, had to try it out ourselves).

“This look is a very powerful and clean look— it is that of a strong business woman,” says Brennen Demelo, Toronto hair stylist and owner of Brennen Demelo Studio. “It’s a clean, classic look that shows how when you add some height to the ponytail, it makes it very fashionable.” Bonus? “It’s a great way to make other features stand out—and if the pony is tight enough, it’s an instant facelift.”

Demelo breaks down the warrior woman hair style in four expert tips for achieving the warrior woman pony that not even Xena was bold enough to try.

Warrior woman pony hair styling step #1: Prep your locks.

Take care to sew your wild tresses first before attempting to tie them down. First things first: “Blow dry and flatiron your hair to a very, very straight texture to achieve the sleekness of this ponytail,” says Demelo. “Use a shine spray to give the sleekness and once all in place, finish with a hairspray to hold.” For max security once hair is all pulled back, the ideal hair length for the pony is long with minimal layers, he adds.

Warrior woman pony hair styling step #2: Arm yourself with key styling tools.

Texture, or lack thereof, is key to heightening the boldness of this look. “You will want a smoothing cream to blow dry into the hair, making it as straight as possible,” Demelo advises. Spritz hair allover with a shine spray to bring out the sleekness and finish with a hairspray to ensure it stays that way. Remember a true warrior woman pony follows the straight and narrow: “You need get rid of any kinks in the hair— that will take away from the look!”

Fall 2012 hair styles: Expert tips on maintaining your brunette locks

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Warrior woman pony hair styling step #3: Firmly keep your pony in place.

When tying the pony, go high or go home. “Hook two bobby pins to an elastic and wrap the elastic around the ponytail. Secure one bobby pin into the top part of the ponytail, wrap the elastic around the hair then secure the second bobby pin by crossing over the first one you placed in,” says Demelo. “As for height, tape works and it’s very fashionable but not very practical. A leather strap is a great option.” Don’t worry about matching the elastic to your
hair colour but rather to your outfit to
accessorize the look, says Demelo. Wrap your head around this: “Be creative with the fabrics, chains, bangles, bracelets—whatever can go around your wrists can wrap around your ponytail.”

Warrior woman pony hair styling step #4: Seal the deal.

With great height comes great responsibility—such as making sure your high pony can go the distance. “Use a
shine spray or serum,” says Demelo about creating a lasting finish. Avoid gel: “You want a dry shine. Adding anything wet to give it shine will change the look,” he says.

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