While the fall tends to inspire a sudden overhaul of our look, our wardrobe and ourselves, these seasonal updates are the beauty equivalent of a summer fling—fun, yet non-committal. So we’ve rounded up the top five OTT
beauty trends from the Fall 2012 runways to have beautiful, if fleeting, moment with this season.

Outrageous beauty trend: Bejewelled brows

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Crystal-embroidered brows at Chanel; silver-studded overlay at Miu Miu.

Why you should try it:
While everyone else is tweezing and primping brows to achieve this season’s wide-eyed and bushy trimmed beauty trend, you’ll conspicuously play up your grow out with sparkly and strategically placed sequins.

Where you should wear it: If there’s a shiny disco ball in sight, chances are similarly light-refracting eyebrows are equally welcome. For a safer bet—and interesting day-to-night switch— opt for the bleached-out brows from Gucci’s Fall 2012 runway, and pack your glitter and glue for nightfall.

Risk factor:
Anything that reflects light can be a hazard to those staring directly for long periods of time.

Outrageous beauty trend: Metallic eyes

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Geometric, double-lined cobalt eyes at Anna Sui; a sea of metallic turquoise and green from lid to brow at Prabal Gurung.

Why you should try it:
With cobalt as one of this season’s hottest shades, swiping this electric blue shadow over lids is a fitting twist on the runway trend.

Where you should wear it:
Shimmery peacock blue shadow can be an appropriate day look when complemented with a minimalist face—nude lip, light contouring around the cheekbones and your favourite beauty balm cream for a flawlessly translucent finish.

Risk factor:
While we’re all about the OTT beauty trends this season, stick with one look at a time. Mixing metallic eyes with this season’s burgundy lip and coral blush can come across cartoonish.

Outrageous beauty trend: Hair colour

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Sunset-inspired orange-yellow streaks at Prada; a rainbow of chalk-dyed roots at Jean Paul Gaultier.

Why you should try it:
A non-committal way to test-drive electric hair shades previously seen only on Halloween and those rebellious teen years. Grab a set of non-oil-based pastels from an arts store and try out this season’s hottest DIY beauty trend: chalking.

Where you should wear it:
Wherever a pop of bright hair colour will enhance your look—choose your own adventurous shade: LC sported hot pink tendrils at a recent book signing, while
Mad Men star January Jones took a more subtle approach with a few bubblegum streaks peeking out from her blond mane.

Risk factor:
Zero—a quick, as-bold-as-you-feel beauty update that’s gone after the first wash.

Fall 2012 beauty trends: Vampy lips

Find out which outrageous Fall 2012 beauty trends to try out on the next page…

Outrageous beauty trend: Nude lip

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Softly rendered beiges tracing lips at Louis Vuitton, Burberry Prorsum, Christian Dior and Alexander Wang.

Why you should try it:
While OTT qualifier applies to much of the Fall 2012 runways—the
shiny, oxblood red jackets this season are anything but subtle—we’re all about the barely there look for the beauty in its simplicity.

Where you should wear it:
The nude lip goes with a pared down look—clean face, thickly coated black lashes à la Louis Vuitton—or create a soft romantic look—frosty eyes and coral-flushed cheeks, seen at Christian Dior—for
date night.

Risk factor:
For its low maintenance and highly versatile appeal, the
nude lip can quickly become your go-to look this season. But don’t be afraid to reach for those crimson and
berry shades every now and then.

Outrageous beauty trend: Crazy eyeliner

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Graphic, boldly rimmed eyes at Mary Katranzou; floating wings drawn on at Erdem.

Why you should try it: Graphic
surrealist—the runways this season took their cues from a wide range of art movements. Grab your
eye brush and let your lids become a canvas for your favourite trend.

Where you should wear it:
When you’re aching to
try a graphic eyeliner other than the tried yet proven cat look—keep it clean and simple for the day, and let your inner artist shine as the night goes on.

Risk factor:
High. A bold, intricately rendered eyeliner isn’t everyone’s cup of tea—but remember, even Picasso wasn’t appreciated during his time.

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