This is the holiday season to own your
short hair cut. Wear those short hairstyles with confidence. If you have a fringe, pixie or bob, chances are you won’t be able to shape a holiday updo or red carpet curls because your length falls short, but that shouldn’t stop you. Rather than wishing for a full head of hair, embrace your short hair cut with the top 5 styling techniques for any holiday party you attend.



1. Short hair: At the office holiday party

A holiday office party calls for a less sensational, more practical short hair cut to impress your colleagues without going over the top. An easy method of making short hairstyles look different—but still posh—is to add the illusion of volume. “Volume is an instant way of converting short hairstyles. Think loose, slightly undone hair rather than perfectly coiffed hair,” says Damien Carney—International Artistic Director for Joico. “Show off the wilder side of your hair the office doesn’t normally get to see.”

Consider a blowout to boost your volume, and don’t be afraid to add in a metallic headband or pin to complete the look. “This technique works really well when hair is layered. If your face shape can support it—wear your hair away from your face and add a little extra make-up to the eyes or lips,” adds Carney. “Directing hair away from the face projects confidence and creates a bright, fresh look for the holidays.” 

How to finally get a SHORT HAIR CUT

2. Short hair: At a New Year’s Eve bash

As opposed to a more conservative look at an office party, New Year’s Eve is where you can really experiment with short hairstyles—particularly by creating a set of chic curls. “Add some soft movement to your short hair with a curling iron or heated rollers. It will add instant glamour, texture and softness to short hairstyles,” says Carney.

Best for lobs and fringes with length, use a small barrel curling iron to form tight spirals from your crown all the way to the ends of your short hair cut. “The overall look should have softer, more irregular movement. Less is more, don’t add too much curl or wave, just enough to change your natural hair texture,” says Carney.

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3. Short hair: For a holiday date night

If you’re anticipating a romantic, candlelit dinner for two this holiday season, your short hair cut needs to be just as special with a series of choppy waves (Tiffany blue box on the plate not included). “Let the hair fall around your face with random pieces that flip out and away. Work the hair away from the face to focus on the eyes and bone structure,” says Carney. “The result will be light, soft pieces that have a slightly
undone texture flipping at the ends. The hair should be soft and touchable, so avoid hair spray.” Think Julianne Hough’s piecey look she’s been rocking lately for inspiration.

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4. Short hair: For a girl’s night holiday soiree

Whether you’re staying in and doing a Secret Santa, visiting the malls or just going out for holiday brunch, braids are a playful way to work with short hair when you’re with friends. “The objective here is to twist or partly braid what length you have. Think Gwen Stefani style. Braiding or twisting one side can add a fun, asymmetrical look to your short hair. If you can’t braid the hair, twist the longer lengths and secure with a bobby pin,” says Carney.

Remember—these are your
girlfriends. Try a more casual, sporty party style you wouldn’t wear at the office or on a date (you can even try the look on
second day hair) during the holidays. “Don’t think Bo Derrick braids, just a few here and there. A light mist of hair spray will hold your hair in place,” says Carney. “Also look for great hair accessories to add a bit of dazzle. But keep it to one accessory,” Carney adds.


5. Short hair: At a family holiday event

Ease up on styling a short hair cut for your family’s annual holiday dinner—you don’t need to go all out for a simple night in. “Hair should be more relaxed and not overly done. Casual is the theme here—go for something sleek and smooth. Great if you have a fringe of any length.” For this look, all you need is a flat iron, a hair serum for shine and a comb to part your short hair to the side. Carney adds that your hair will still look polished, but you won’t have to worry about excusing yourself from the table to retouch throughout the evening.

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