This holiday season it’s time to step up your hair game. We’re not talking about throwing your hair into a sad little
twist of a chignon. Holiday hair needs to be full out glam — the hottest wet look from the runway, polished retro curls and chic braids to name a few — minus the hassle of heading to a salon for each and every party (no one has time for that!). “The holiday season is the perfect time to reproduce some of the hottest hair trends seen on the fall and winter runways and on the red carpet,” says Anna Nenoiu, makeup and hair artist from Page One Management. With her trusty holiday hair know-how we’ve rounded up the top five hot holiday hair looks you need to try this season.

1. Retro curls
The look: “
This look is the ultimate glamorous hairstyle, suitable for any fancy black tie event,” says Nenoiu.

The inspiration: Nenoiu says this look has been seen on actress Emma Stone on the red carpet. “The gorgeous, deep side parted retro look is holiday-perfect.”

How to get the look:

– Apply mouse to towel dried hair (Nenoiu’s favourite to try is TRESemmé Flawless Curls).

– Let air dry, then side part hair.

– Using a large barrel curling iron, start the curls as low as your chin to make sexy waves that are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Finish with extra hold hairspray.

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2. The classic chignon
The look:
Dress up the classic chignon in jewels for the perfect office party hairstyle.

The inspiration: Charlize Theron rocked this look at this year’s Golden Globes.

How to get the look:

– Use an elastic base headband.

Curl the ends of your hair with a medium barrel curling iron and spray the ends with hairspray.

– Place headband on the head, about 1-2 inches from the hairline, and secure in place with a few pins.

– Take two-inch pieces of hair at a time and twist them back up, tucking them into the headband. Secure rolls created with pins.

– Finish the back using a hand mirror to check the balance.

3. Short hair, wet look
The look:
Chic and slick, this hairstyle is perfect for short, cropped hair.

The inspiration:
“Make Emma Watson your inspiration for this season’s
slick wet look trend,” says Nenoiu.

How to get the look:

– Part your crop on your preferred side and apply a gel spray like TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Sculpting Gel Spray before combing it through. The shiny wet look is prefect for a night out on the town during the festive season.

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Take your braids and messy bun to the next level on the next page …
4. The braided maiden
The look:
“The braided maiden look is the perfect, easy and hot ‘of-the-moment’ hairstyle for any occasion,” says Nenoiu.

The inspiration: Varying versions of this hairstyle have been seen on everyone from Scarlett Johansson and Rachel McAdams to Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie.

HAIR INSPIRATION: Chic braids to envy from celebs to the runway

How to get the look:

– Separate hair into four sections: two smaller sections on each side of the temples and two in the back.

– Braid the smaller sections and wrap across the back of the head, then pin in place.

– Braid the two remaining sections in the back, like classic schoolgirl braids.

– Fold each braid in half and place horizontally above the nape of the neck and pin into place.


5. The messy bun
The look:
“The bun is simple, classic, elegant and most importantly, low-maintenance and time efficient,” says Nenoiu. This version doesn’t even require bobby pins and is perfect for at-home holiday gatherings.

The inspiration: Virtually every Hollywood starlet has been spotted sporting this effortlessly chic style.

How to get the look:

– Pull hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head.

– Flip ponytail halfway through the elastic.

– Divide remaining hair into two sections and tuck them under the elastic band.

– Tuck loose ends under the elastic. This bun’s appeal is its imperfection, so loose ends and a messy ‘do is desired.

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