Featured story by: Tom White

A few years ago, Kennedy Eurich hopped off the plane at ATX with a dream and a Louis Vuitton cardigan. Fast forward to 2023 and the 22-year-old has amassed more than two million followers and is known for not only her candid vulnerability but also her sense of style.


It all started in 2020, when Eurich began posting on TikTok; her entertaining straight-to-the-point vlog-style videos blew up. In an age when social media is all smoke and mirrors, Kennedy gives her audience what they crave: transparency. She has cultivated a community that embraces sharing—sometimes oversharing—and her followers have been captivated since the beginning.

Kennedy has consistently shared large amounts of her life, much to her followers’ delight, and that includes her passion for animals. Whether she’s sharing cute videos of her pets—pitbull Lil Ma and cats Minx, Baby and Gus—or raising money for the Austin Animal Shelter, Kennedy keeps her followers in the loop when it comes to her dedication to animals.

It should come as a surprise to no one, then, that Kennedy will officially make the leap from influencer to entrepreneur this summer with the launch of her own luxury-pet-accessories brand.

The up-and-coming entrepreneur and full-fledged fashion girl attended the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. She was even styled by the brand and sat in the star-studded front row alongside boldface names like Shay Mitchell. Needless to say, there’s no slowing down for Kennedy.

In conversation, Kennedy’s high energy and exuberant personality shine through. Her blunt and honest nature is refreshing and welcome—she has no qualms telling you how it is and keeping it real. It’s clear to all who meet her why she has gained the following she has in such a short period. Kennedy’s career is just getting started, and we’ll all be watching as her star rises.

How has your life changed the most since achieving virality as a creator?

“Probably just being recognized in public—that was huge. Also, noticing that the things I do or say have an impact.”

As someone in the spotlight, what’s one thing you’ve learned that you wish you’d known before?

“You really can’t make everyone happy. I know that’s cliché, but it’s true. The second the spotlight is on you, you truly can’t make everyone happy.”

Your enthusiasm for animal welfare and giving back fostered an incredible event in Austin last year, and as your fans know, you’ve always loved being around animals. What was that transition like—going from farm girl to living the life you have now?

“I mean, a lot has changed, but on the other hand, nothing has changed. I still feel like a 22-year-old gal just living her life.”

Courtesy of Kennedy Eurich

Candidly expressing yourself online has led to the curation of a community of people who feel accepted, heard and connected. In a world where so many digital celebrities stray from their authentic selves, you dived in. How do you keep leaning into this kind of content, even when it may not feel easy to do so?

“I feel like it has always been a really natural thing. I don’t really put any thought into it, unless I get burned for it.”

How do you stay grounded and prioritize wellness when there are so many exciting things happening in your career and when you’re still so young?

“By surrounding myself with people who are grounded themselves; my friends really help keep me grounded. I’m not really friends with anyone in the industry, which allows me to have more thoughtful and authentic conversations.”

With luxury-brand partnerships and alignment under your belt, how has your sense of style evolved in the past year?

“I don’t think my style has really changed. I mainly just focus on comfort.”

What makes you feel your most confident? And what’s your favourite part about sinking your feet further into the fashion industry?

“I think because most of my confidence comes from being comfortable, diving deeper into the fashion industry has allowed me to be more bold and take more risks.”

You’re making the jump from influencer to entrepreneur and have an exciting year ahead. What’s it been like to build a brand from scratch and create something that’s true to your values and passions?

“It has definitely been a learning experience. I didn’t know how long it would take to build a brand, but now that we’re in the exciting part, I think the patience and trial and error were definitely worth it.”

What are you most excited about in 2023? And what are some bucket-list goals you have your sights set on?

“I’m most excited about launching my pet brand. As far as bucket-list goals go, I think I want to dive deeper into the fashion world and see where that takes me!”


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