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One such admirer is Virginie Roy, who, from childhood, has been fascinated with diamonds and all their glitter. Throughout life’s twists and turns, her dream became a reality when she created her Canada-based jewellery line, Proud Diamond. 

Diamonds as a Family Story 

Roy’s enchanting journey into the jewellery world began with her grandfather, Marcel Dumontet, a luminary in the gold and diamond industry since 1963. As a manufacturer’s sales agent, he is more than just a businessman; he’s a storyteller, weaving tales of shimmering gems and their timeless allure.

Growing up around such a knowledgeable figure, Roy was immersed in the diamond business. From a young age, she absorbed the nuances of the trade, gaining an understanding of each gem’s profound impact. Three decades later, inspired by her grandfather and armed with his imparted wisdom, Roy launched Proud Diamond. 

From Newsrooms to Gemstones

Before Roy was captivated by the sparkle of diamonds, she was illuminating the world as a TV journalist who unveiled narratives that resonated with many. In addition to garnering recognition as a journalist, Roy became an award-winning senior producer, lending her talents to giants like Airbnb and Sid Lee.

Yet, amid her recognitions, Roy’s fascination with diamonds has continued to shine. “My time as a journalist was incredibly rewarding, but the world of diamonds truly makes my heart race,” she shares. “Journalism taught me to seek the truth and to value transparency. I want to bring that ethos to the world of diamonds.”


Unveiling Roy’s Shining Achievement

One of the most significant chapters in Roy’s journey has been launching her ethical Canada-based jewellery brand, Proud Diamond. This visionary venture has rapidly gained recognition in the fashion and jewellery industries. It represents a commitment to excellence and an appreciation for the timeless beauty of diamonds. “I want to create jewellery that tells a storyjust like my grandfather’s diamonds did for me,” says Roy.

Redefining the Narrative of Diamonds

By exclusively offering lab-grown diamonds, Roy ensures that the brand stands firmly against the dark shadows of “blood diamonds”stones mined in war zones and obtained through illegal trades—and expresses its commitment to ethical luxury.

When asked what makes her most proud about her diamonds, Roy mentions the brand’s dedication to eco responsibility. Handcrafted in Montreal, every jewellery piece is made of recycled solid gold and adorned with lab-grown diamonds, embodying the brand’s commitment to local ethical sourcing. “Our brand proves that luxury doesn’t [have to] come at the planet’s expense,” says Roy. 

Roy’s mission with Proud Diamond goes beyond selling diamonds; it aims to establish real connections. While artificial intelligence might find its place in other operational areas of the company, customer service at Proud Diamond remains genuinely human through its No Robot Policy, which fosters relationships and ensures a personal touch that customers cherish.


A Woman of Inspiration

With her focus on innovation and sustainability, Royone of three standout entrepreneurs in the “New Generation” feature in the Spring 2022 issue of HEC Magazineis charting new territories and setting benchmarks. This vision was further cemented when Proud Diamond secured the coveted first place in PME MTL’s District e-commerce contest.


Many consider Roy as not just an entrepreneur but a trailblazer who is constantly pushing boundaries and inspiring others to do the same. Welcome to the new era of diamond shopping, where Roy and Proud Diamond are leading the way, redefining the boundaries of elegance, ethics and excellence in jewellery.


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