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As we kick off the new year, it’s time to elevate your style with the coolest frames from top eyewear brands. Discover iconic designs from KITS, Warby Parker, Zenni and more. Here are the glasses, from “TikTok made me buy it” essentials to celebrity-inspired looks, that you’ll be dying to add to your 2024 collection. Choose whichever pair—ranging from $16 to $229—makes sense in terms of #girlmath.


Our Must-Haves

Warby Parker’s “Durand” Round Frames

Warby Parker is renowned for its timeless elegance, especially with the “Durand” round frames. These classic glasses combine vintage charm with a modern touch, making them a must-have for any fashion enthusiast.

Total price (frames + lenses): $225


KITS’ “Mysa” Gold Rimless Frames

KITS recently introduced its rimless collection, and one of the fan favourites is the cat-eye “Mysa” style. Yes, the price point does seem too good to be true, but they really are actually $28 for handcrafted prescription glasses and lenses!

Total price (frames + lenses): $28


BonLook’s “Henriette” Sleek Metal Frames

Discover BonLook’s “Henriette” frames. Exemplifying metal magic with sleek, thin lines, they were designed in collaboration with actor Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. Choose these lightweight frames in rose gold or deep gold for a sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic.

Total price (frames + lenses): $199


Pair Eyewear’s “Larkin” Modified Rectangle Frames

These TikTok-phenomenon glasses are a must-add for your collection. Choose the bestselling “Larkin” as your base frames and then select from hundreds of uniquely attaching tops to customize your base.

Total price (frames + lenses): $60


KITS’ “Hemlock Primo” Layered Acetate Frames

Crafted from high-quality multi-layered acetate, the “Hemlock Primo” not only contributes to a stylish aesthetic but also ensures durability and comfort for prolonged wear. Plus, the brand’s lab is located in Vancouver. (Who doesn’t want to support a local business?) See TikTok fave Graydon Cutler and fashion maven Larissa Mills sporting them.

Total price (frames + lenses): $28


Clearly’s Main + Central Cherry “Del Rey” Frames

Add a touch of retro style to your wardrobe with the round “Del Rey” cherry-red frames. The raised keyhole bridge evokes a throwback effect. Whether they’re paired with jeans or incorporated into your office attire, these frames add vintage charm to any agenda.

Total price (frames + lenses): $51


Bailey Nelson’s Blue Abalone “Dustin” Frames

Designed for those focused on the future, not the past, the “Dustin” embraces a contemporary, of-the-moment shape rather than relying on vintage inspirations. This unisex style features a bold square profile that offers a larger frame width for a modern aesthetic. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off the to-die-for Blue Abalone shade!

Total price (frames + lenses): $229


Options for Budget-Friendly Shoppers

Eyebuydirect’s “November” Tortoise Frames

Cute for your wallet, cute for your wardrobe! Opt for a retro vibe with the “November” and channel your inner hep cat. The refined brown-and-black tortoise finish of these square eyeglasses exudes vintage charm.

Total price (frames + lenses): $22.95


Zenni’s Flamingo Frames

Indulge in fearless fashion with these square glasses in the captivating shade of Flamingo. These frames effortlessly transition between distinctive eyeglasses and statement sunglasses, especially when they’re paired with fashion-tinted lenses.

Total price (frames + lenses): $20.95


Zeelool’s “Benitez” Bold Green Frames

Switch things up with the “Benitez.” These durable glasses offer a trendy casual vibe. Zeelool really knows how to take head-turning frames to the next level. Snag a few pairs—because these frames definitely won’t break the bank.

Total price (frames + lenses): $16



Redefine your style in 2024. Whether you lean toward KITS’ sophisticated “Mysa” or Warby Parker’s classic “Durand,” there’s a perfect pair for every taste. Elevate your look, embrace the latest trends and enjoy the season with a fresh perspective seen through these stylish frames.


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