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Her inspiring journey from nail artist to the owner of Numa Lounge and Spa showcases the transformative power of self-care. Below, we explore the relationship between beauty treatments and women’s mental health, guided by Escobar herself as she reveals how nail care can uplift spirits and nurture self-esteem.

Manuela Mejia Escobar, renowned for her expertise in FX Makeup Artistry, boasts over a decade of experience catering to clients by providing top-notch nail and makeup services. Through her skills and unwavering attention to detail, she has come to recognize the significant link between personal hygiene and mental well-being. Five years ago, Escobar opened Numa Lounge and Spa in Medellin, Colombia. She recently expanded her horizons by launching her first international location in Canada. With her wealth of experience comes insights into how beauty procedures can impact an individual’s self-esteem and overall mental health.

Escobar discovered a connection between taking care of nails and improving well-being. She noticed that when people are dealing with depression or low self-esteem, they often neglect the details in their appearance. As a way to escape and to regain control over their inner strength, women get their nails done.

One of Escobar’s clients, who struggled with anxiety and had a habit of biting her nails, experienced a transformation through nail art. Escobar’s work not only made her client’s nails look beautiful but also boosted her confidence. This positive change had an impact on her life; she started paying attention to her overall appearance and received compliments that further boosted her self-esteem.

The act of taking care of your nails itself contributes to improving your well-being by promoting cleanliness and self-care. Escobar emphasizes the importance of nail-care practices and the personal attention she provides to her clients. Through her genuine concern for their well-being, her clients feel comfortable opening up about their worries and thoughts.

According to Escobar, nail art isn’t just about the result but about the whole process, which includes massages and pampering. This holistic approach contributes to the well-being of her clients by releasing endorphins and creating a sense of comfort through the power of touch.

The beauty industry has faced challenges due to COVID-19, but Escobar’s determination and commitment have enabled her business to survive during these difficult times.

Nail art serves as a means of self-expression; it allows individuals to convey their emotions and showcase their personality and acts as a canvas where they can make statements about their lives, transitions and feelings. With her attention to detail and perfectionism, Escobar provides her clients with an opportunity to express their individuality and uniqueness.

A client’s choice of nail-art style, colour and design reflects their self-esteem and self-image. Through the nail-art process, individuals can express themselves and inspire others beyond words.

Escobar understands that cultural and societal factors influence the connection between nail care and women’s mental health. In some cultures, nail care may not be given importance, and conservative values can impact women’s choices regarding nail art. 

Taking care of your nails and engaging in nail art can have an impact on your well-being and personal relationships. Escobar believes that the beauty industry, nail art and therapy will continue to have positive influences on women’s mental health. She has observed a growing trend toward diverse nail-art styles, which allow individuals to embrace their preferences and express their individuality.

She predicts that technology integration within the beauty industry will offer tailored experiences, such as virtual nail consultations and augmented-reality previews of nail art. She eagerly looks forward to exploring these possibilities and continuing to uplift her clients’ spirits through her passion for nail art.

Escobar’s journey from nail artist to spa owner highlights the connection between nail care and mental well-being. It serves as a testament to the effects of self-care, self-expression and beautifully adorned nails. Her insights remind us that something simple, such as a manicure, can both enhance our beauty and elevate our spirits as we navigate an evolving beauty landscape. It is true that nail-art therapy empowers women in terms of self-expression and self-esteem, resulting in an improvement in their overall well-being.


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