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Divine, A Boutique Medspa, led by founder Gina Bucherich, RN, BSN, is a one-of-a-kind medical spa in St. Louis, MO. Here, non-surgical cosmetic aesthetic services empower women to feel their best. Now, through Bucherich’s fragrance company, G’Divine, she is applying the same principles of passion and empowerment to the world of scents. Babydoll Blush by G’Divine, created in 2022, is a fragrance with the ability to uplift. It reminds women worldwide that they are not only powerful and seen but also loved and adored every day. 

Bucherich began her professional journey in 1999 after graduating from the University of Missouri–Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. For more than nine years, she worked with wholehearted devotion at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital as a NICU and flight nurse. But in 2007, Bucherich made a bold leap into the aesthetic industry. She effectively transitioned from her nursing career to a plastic-surgery setting, working daily in less-invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedures and receiving training from some of the best in the industry. After a decade of steadfast training and dedication, Bucherich made yet another major transition when she opened Divine, A Boutique Medspa in 2017.

Bucherich established the medical spa as a haven for all things health and beauty. This lent itself well to her highly specialized aesthetic nursing background with both clients and colleagues. Showcasing her passion and desire to help other women look and feel as beautiful as they truly are, Bucherich was struck by the illuminating flares of inspiration yet again. From her deep desire to uplift and remind women of their worth, G’Divine was born as a fragrance company that reflects Bucherich’s belief that scent can be a powerful way to evoke positive emotions and provide daily reminders of self-worth and adoration.

G’Divine stands apart from and above other brands because the company offers more than other scents on the market. It’s about powerful feelings and emotions, a source of empowerment and positive affirmation. G’Divine is uniquely distinguished in the fragrance industry by carrying scents that are designed to remind women of their worth daily. As a powerful woman who has faced innumerable challenges throughout her life and career, Bucherich knows how vital these little daily reminders are to a woman’s confidence.

Creating Babydoll Blush by G’Divine proved to be a complex and difficult path, but Bucherich knows it has been worth the struggles. “Overcoming obstacles, especially the daunting task of competing with luxury brands, is a testament to my belief in the product’s ability to resonate with women,” she says. A mere nine months after the launch of the fragrance, Bucherich found herself featured in the August issue of Vogue magazine as one of the most influential women in St. Louis—recognition that is mightily deserved.

“I aspire for Babydoll Blush to empower those who wear it, encouraging authenticity,” Bucherich says. “Every individual holds unique qualities [that are] often concealed. Embracing one’s true self is essential for a fulfilling life.” The dynamic thought leader concludes, “I am [all] for people to sense the freedom to live authentically and be adored for who they truly are.” And we could not be more thankful.

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