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Canadian singer, entrepreneur and now bestselling author Stacey Jackson has achieved a new pinnacle of success as her debut novel, How a Gangsta Rapper Made Me a Better Mom, has secured a coveted spot on the Amazon bestsellers list in Canada. This literary triumph marks a significant milestone for Jackson, showcasing the profound impact of her storytelling prowess.

A tour de force in music, television and now literature, Jackson embodies the spirit of reinvention and the relentless pursuit of passion. Initially gaining acclaim as an award-winning singer and songwriter, she defied the odds by launching a successful music career at the age of 40, becoming an emblem of inspiration for stay-at-home moms and individuals everywhere who believe their dreams may have passed them by. Her collaborations with industry giants like Snoop Dogg and her ventures into entrepreneurship with her fitness brand highlight her multi-faceted talent and drive. Recently, Jackson turned her considerable talents to the literary world, penning How a Gangsta Rapper Made Me a Better Mom. 


Jackson’s venture into literature creation has been met with resounding success. She has captured readers across Canada with her fictionalized account of a life lived to the fullest. How a Gangsta Rapper Made Me a Better Mom is more than a book; it’s a testament to Jackson’s ability to connect with audiences on a profound and relatable level, showcasing her versatility beyond the world of music.

Jackson admits that crafting novels and writing songs are “two different kettles of fish.” Her transition was sparked by the realization that her story of putting dreams on hold, raising a family and then reclaiming the spotlight later in life was too inspiring to confine to reality TV. A friend’s suggestion that Jackson write a book set the stage, leading to a collaborative effort that birthed her debut novel. While terrifying, this venture became a liberating journey of creative freedom, allowing her to expand on characters and dramatize scenarios and providing readers with a fictionalized yet authentic glimpse into her life.

“Transitioning to writing a novel was terrifying!” recalls Jackson. “However, I suspected that my story of putting my dreams on hold for 15 years to raise my family and finally deciding to jump right back in when I was much older, having my first hit record at 40 and ultimately collaborating with Snoop Dogg on a record, would be an inspiring tale. There were many people in the television industry asking me to be in various reality shows. But having cameras in my house following me around 24-7 wasn’t my family’s cup of tea. So a friend of mine, also in the TV industry, said, ‘Why don’t you just write a book?’ Just before COVID, I spoke to a friend—a former journalist and most recently an editor—and asked her to help me write the book. I wanted it to be a collaborative effort. It was also much easier to write it as a fictionalized account of my journey because this gave me the creative freedom to expand on all the characters and dramatize some of the scenarios. With that, it was much more fun and probably easier for me as a first-time author because I felt almost like an outsider looking in. However, the only way I could connect personally was by writing a musical soundtrack as well—literally giving each character their own voice.”

Drawing inspiration from Jackson’s personal journey, the novel explores the narrative of resilience, determination and an unwavering pursuit of dreams. Memorable characters derived from Jackson’s real-life experiences in the music industry have resonated with readers, making the book a must-read for those seeking inspiration and an authentic portrayal of life’s highs and lows.

Describing her creative process for the novel, Jackson emphasizes the importance of continuity—ensuring that sub-stories and character plots are seamlessly threaded throughout the book. This meticulous approach contrasts with the freer flow of artistic expression that she experiences when composing music. The structured nature of writing her book, starting with a 10-chapter synopsis, demanded a different mindset. However, Jackson’s musical background helped her infuse the novel with diverse messages that readers can relate to, creating a narrative that resonates with them on multiple levels.

At its core, the novel carries a powerful message of empowerment and perseverance. Jackson’s storytelling prowess, honed through years of crafting hit songs, seamlessly translated into the literary realm, leaving a permanent mark on readers who will find solace, inspiration and entertainment within the pages of her debut novel.

As Jackson looks ahead with excitement and anticipation, she also plans for the continuation of Stephanie Bloom/Star’s journey. Jackson reveals her hopes for a trilogy, with each book delving into different aspects of the protagonist’s life and the characters having their own musical genres. She sees the novels evolving into a TV sitcom that blends elements of popular shows. 

How a Gangsta Rapper Made Me a Better Mom weaves a narrative that mirrors Jackson’s journey through the entertainment industry, the challenges of balancing family life with professional aspirations and the courage to embrace new paths. Her story is not just about her music or writing; it’s a testament to the power of transformation, resilience and an unyielding belief in one’s dreams at any stage of life.

Jackson envisions her novels captivating readers not just in Canada but worldwide; she hopes that the story’s universal message of following your dreams and betting on yourself will resonate with a diverse audience. How a Gangsta Rapper Made Me a Better Mom is now available on Amazon. With her debut novel, Jackson invites you to join her on a transformative journey of resilience, determination and the pursuit of dreams.


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