Elle Macpherson eats powdered rhinoceros horn to make her skin glow, while Cameron Diaz told British Vogue that she stays young with “exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter and lots of sex.” Whether you favour a quick fix or prefer a slower return on your beauty investment, there’s more than one way to turn back the clock.

1. Mouth full

A pillowy pout is a sign of youth, says Diana Carreiro, a Toronto-based makeup artist. “Create the illusion of a
plumper mouth by dabbing a bit of clear gloss in the centre of the lips after you
apply your lipstick,” she advises. And avoid wearing dark hues, such as deep red or berry. “Lighter shades, like nude or rose, naturally make lips look fuller.”

2. Bang on

Hide fine lines with fringe inspired by the lash-grazing
bangs seen on models at Lanvin’s fall/ winter 2010 show. Instead of a blunt cut straight across, ask your stylist for a more oval shape (longer at the sides and slightly shorter in the middle). “Think Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders,” says Tyler Colton, a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist. “It’s still a strong look, but it’s a little more youthful because it’s softer.”

3. Head strong

“Think of the brain cells as the lock, and the neurotransmitters, like acetylcholine [or ‘the memory chemical’], as the key,” explains Dr. Alan Logan, a New York-based naturopath and research and development coordinator for Genuine Health. “As free radicals attack the tissue, the key doesn’t fit as well in the lock anymore.” This can affect cognitive functions, such as memory, says Logan. Antioxidant- rich kale, turmeric and green tea reduce tissue damage so that the “lock and key” continue to work.

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4. DON’T

“Many women just slap on their
anti-aging skin-care products and expect magic,” says Anastasia Achilleos, a London-based celebrity facialist. She suggests tapping and pressing your cream or serum into your skin with your fingertips, moving from the forehead to the neck to the décolletage “to un- lock nutrients and stimulate blood flow.”


Try a
complexion-correcting cream. “Shadows and lighting enhance imperfections like uneven skin tone,” explains Dr. Nowell Solish, a Toronto-based cosmetic dermatologist. “Nanoblur contains prism-shaped particles that reflect light, almost ‘blurring’ the complexion to create the illusion that skin is even.”

5. Arm candy

Heidi Klum’s sleek bod belies her age (and her baby count) thanks to regular workouts with Andrea Orbeck, a Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer. Obviously, “bat wings” aren’t an issue for the supermodel. “The secret to a toned upper body is performing weight-training exercises that use multiple body parts in the same move combined with an aerobic component to burn fat,” says Orbeck.

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