Alexander Wang: On the sidelines

A side braid, as seen on the Alexander Wang Spring 2010 runway, is about going against the grain of your hair, says Harry Josh, international creative consultant for John Frieda Professional Hair Care. “If your hair naturally kicks to the right, braid it to the left and you’ll get an instant lift.” Best of all, this look comes together pretty simply: start by gathering your hair at the base of the neck and making a clean braid to the side. Then, “pull on the braid, to make it uneven and rough. Let pieces fall out of it–this is what makes it "downtown girl’, and fresh and modern,” says Josh.

Product-wise, “hairspray is key for this because if you’re hair is not starchy enough, your braid will slip,” says Josh. “Some product in hair will keep your hair rough; if it’s too slippery and shiny it just won’t look cool.”

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Armani: Pretty twisted

“This look at Armani is all about an extreme side part — so far over that even if you have no bangs, you will create them,” says Josh. “It’s like a comb-over in a sense!” Once you make the side part, spritz some hairspray on the part to hold it into place.

Next, to get the look’s height, backcomb the crown until you have three inches of matting, brush it over and twist it down messily and secure with some hair pins.

This look calls for hairspray because if your hair is too slippery, the look will fall the minute leave house, says Josh. For the best results, spray your hair and lightly brush it through before you start styling this look.

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Prada: Ponytail chic

This look, like the one at Armani, focuses on an extreme side part. “Go way over, above and beyond where your hair sits comfortably,” stresses Josh. This hairstyle, he points out, is ideal if you don’t have layers (“layered hair will result in thin, spindly pieces,” he says).

Once you’ve made the side part, backcomb the crown and comb it over, pulling a long piece over the ear and pinning it there. Next, add two elastics, one on each side, to create the ponytails.

To finish the look, remove the pin by your ear — this will help the style look more rough, and “this ratty look is what keeps it looking cooler and not so junior,” says Josh. If you prefer to keep the pin there to prevent your hair from falling into your eyes, though, Josh suggests using an interesting pin, such as a feather clip to add to the whole look. One of his top picks when it comes to hair accessories? Those from celeb favourite Jennifer Behr.

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Lanvin: A brave, new bun

A bun doesn’t have to be prim and proper. To get this look as seen on the Lanvin runway, Josh suggests combing your hair up into a high ponytail. Then backcomb it to the base of the elastic, “until you have a giant sundae-like shape on your head standing straight on end,” he says. Then wrap that into a bun and brush the outer layer into a meshy overlay. “But make sure to keep it messy and organic-looking, or else you’ll like a dancer at an audition.”

The height of this hairstyle is a big part of what makes this look work and Josh is a big fan of this hairdo — in fact, he did a similar style for Sarah Jessica Parker for a recent Chanel event in New York City. And good news for fine-haired ladies: you don’t have to have thick hair for this look.

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