After a phone call to her assistant and a quick email to a provider, Julie-Anne Ho takes a deep breath before downing her cold coffee. The entrepreneur has a long-standing relationship with stress. But being in her early 30s, she has learned to cultivate a few healthy habits over the years. Among her trusted allies and strategies are Clarins’ Multi-Active products, activewear and checking countries off her bucket list.


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Overcoming Everyday Stress

“I’m far from infallible,” says Ho. “I experience stress just like everybody else, but I’ve chosen to stop viewing it in a negative light.” Early on, she realized that it’s better to get acclimated to stress than to fight it. Her secret weapon for coping on the daily? Forcing herself to take breaks—some short, others longer.

Our collaboration starts at first light. Ho completes her skincare routine with the same level of care every single morning. “Research done by Clarins has taught me that stress and fatigue can visibly accentuate signs of aging,” she says. “That’s why I never forget my skincare regimen.”

8:01 a.m.: First Break

To erase signs of fatigue, Ho uses Clarins’ Total Eye Revive Eye Cream and follows it up with the Double Serum Anti Aging + Anti Wrinkle Serum. Then she applies an even layer of the Multi-Active Day Face Cream. Just like the Multi-Active Night Face Cream, the day cream replenishes her skin’s energy and strength to help soften her first wrinkles.

8:55 a.m.: Second Break

Three mornings a week, Ho slips into her purple workout clothing for a weightlifting session with her trainer. “Moving your body is the best way to fight stress,” she says, before grabbing her sports bag. It’s no secret that physical health is affected by stress, and Ho does her best to release hers by working out as often as her schedule allows.

12:37 p.m.: Third Break

Ho’s eyes light up when we ask where she finds the energy to drive so many projects at once. “Through travel,” she replies without hesitation. “My work gives me the opportunity to experience cultures I previously knew nothing about. Ultimately, these immersions enable me to gain a fresh perspective on life and to release stress.” Ho spends her third break of the day planning her next trip.

Total Eye Revive


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Double Serum


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Multi-Active Day


Price: $72