Who better to create a DIY beach hair kit than a stylist from sun-soaked Australia? Kevin Murphy’s Surfer.Girl.Kit includes an oil-free texturizing lotion, a comb, curler clips and a hairnet. Applied before blow-drying, the net ensures a frizz-free finale. Bonus: Download his how-to video to your iPhone by scanning the code on the back of the box.

The trusted bobby pin could be going the way of the banana clip: Meet the Spin Pin. “It makes doing an updo so easy,” says celebrity hairstylist Kristjan Hayden. “You can throw your hair into a chic chignon in seconds.” Just wrap your ponytail into a flat, tight bun. Then twist one pin into the knot and push the second one in the other side so that the two are parallel.

If you want to create a perfect topknot, help has arrived. “The R Session Tools Root Control Barrel & Pressing Comb is my favourite new tool,” says Harry Josh, international creative consultant for John Frieda. “It’s like a flat iron, but with teeth.” The heated wand tames flyaways along the hairline for sleek results.

Between transforming America’s Next Top Model contestants into future supermodels and snipping hair at her Manhattan salon (cuts are rumoured to cost $800), Sally Hershberger has expanded her eponymous collection. The range includes a styling primer for layered locks to help you nail her signature look: the Meg Ryan shag.

Planning to switch your hair colour for summer? For best results, book a consultation with your colourist to discuss your vision—and go makeup-free, says Errol Douglas, design team artist for Matrix Global. “Some women wear so much makeup, it’s hard to see their real skin tone.” Arriving at the salon au naturel will help your hairstylist choose the right shade for your complexion.

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Kevin Murphy The.Surfer.Girl.Kit ($36),

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Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins ($7 for 2), at drugstores.

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R Session Tools Root Control Barrel & Pressing Comb ($180),

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Sally Hershberger Shagg Style Primer ($12), at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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