Hot Girl Summer was the song (and the meme and the energy) of summer 2019, but for Megan Thee Stallion, the Hot Girl mentality is forever. Earlier this month, the 25-year-old Texas-born rapper was announced as the new global brand ambassador for Revlon cosmetics. “Y’all know I’ve got a big personality, but I really feel like makeup can bring out that extra side of you that only comes out when you’re feeling yourself most,” she tells us. We caught up the “Savage” star to talk Hot Girl makeup, choosing celeb cameos for the much-discussed “WAP” video and why Naomi Campbell is her beauty icon.

What is your earliest memory of Revlon?

My earliest memory of Revlon is my grandmother buying me the single eye shadow pallets from the drugstore when I was younger. I’ve always been interested in makeup.

If you could design a lipstick, what colour would it be, what would you call it and why?

I’d need to make something for all my hotties out there – something bold, sexy, and loud. I’d go with a bright red that has a slightly deeper tint to it, and y’all know I gotta put on for Houston, so I’d call it the H-Town Hottie.

You did your own makeup for the “WAP” music video. What made you want to do it yourself vs having a makeup artist do it? Do you usually do your own makeup for videos or events?

I wanna let y’all know right now – if I’m able to, I love to do my own make-up for everything! I feel like no one knows your face like you do. We all know what we’re most comfortable with, and most importantly, what makes us pop most! The best advice I can give is take in YouTube tutorials and all that, then apply those looks for yourself. You won’t regret it.

What was it like being back on set post-quarantine? Which of the featured artists were your picks to include in the “WAP” video?

Being back on set was like being back at home! Me and Cardi had been planning this shoot for a minute so I felt excited to get out there and kill it, and I’m so proud of what we put together. The girls in the video were all group decisions; me and Cardi talked about who the girls out there right now are who really embody being unapologetically sexy and true to themselves. Every single girl on that shoot did an incredible job and I’m so thankful for them coming out and giving it everything for us.

It’s summer. It’s hot. What’s the best makeup look for a first date?

Well if it’s a Hot Girl Summer, you know it’s gotta be something that’s gonna turn the heat up! I’m going with a dramatic, thick winged eyeliner, add your lashes, then blend some orange and red eyeshadow from the Revlon Wonder Woman Face & Eye Palette [Note: Launching in Canada in October 2020] to really bring that fire out! Some light colour in the cheeks, then a lighter red lip along with some of Revlon’s clear Super Lustrous The Gloss to make those lips extra juicy.

You oversleep and have to leave the house for school in 10 minutes. What do you do makeup wise?

Bringing out your inner hot girl doesn’t have to be something that takes a long time! Bring out your natural beauty with a thin winged eyeliner, a little mascara, then some clear gloss on the lip to give them a lil shimmer. Easy!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ($10.49)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ($10.49), at

When do you feel the most confident?

Y’all know I’ve got a big personality, but I really feel like makeup can bring out that extra side of you that only comes out when you’re feeling yourself most. Putting on a full face allows you to really show the world your personality in an artistic way, while looking hot. And if I’m looking hot, if I’m looking like a work of art, y’all can be damn sure I’m feeling my most confident!

You’re a big anime fan. Does that inform your beauty looks at all? Do you get hair/makeup inspo from any of the characters?

Oh my gosh, anime is one of my favourite things in the world! I definitely take some of the larger than life elements of the shows I watch and bring them into my looks. One time, for a PAPER magazine cover, we transformed me into Todoroki, one of my favourite characters from My Hero Academia [a Japanese superhero manga series]. He has this red mark around his eye, so we recreated that with some eyeshadow, then made my make up sleek, sharp, but still so dramatic. Since then, the hotties have been calling me Todoroki Tina. I ain’t mad at it!

Who is your beauty icon? Is there a particular look of theirs that stands out to you as being super iconic?

Whenever I think of true beauty icons, Naomi Campbell is always the first person to jump out. [She’s] the fiercest, the baddest and the strongest Black woman. Naomi is the blueprint for everything a hot girl should be, and she’s such a pioneer – standing there front and centre in huge campaigns and being her true self in some of the boldest make up looks ever! She’s a real queen. I take a lot of inspiration from her mid-’90s looks: the dramatic eyes, the heavy lip liner…so iconic.

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What is the latest update on when we might expect new music?

GIRL, I just dropped a track two weeks ago! I’m always in the studio and there’s a constant stream of heat that I can’t wait to get out there… it’s coming! But until then, I’m gonna need you to run ‘WAP’ up and ‘Girls In The Hood’ too!

And now some rapid-fire questions…what’s your favourite book? 

I’ve been re-reading the My Hero Academia books at home during quarantine.

Who’s your favourite person to follow on Instagram?

Do y’all follow my dogs?! Even I follow my dogs. He’s a person y’know.

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What’s the last movie you watched?

If you know me, you know I love horror movies – there’s something about gathering round with your friends and scaring the hell out of each other that really gets me! I think my favourite is the original Evil Dead movie.

What’s the last song you listened to? 

I’ve had that “WAP” on repeat.

What’s the last thing you ate?

It’s just been morning out here, so I just got done eating a little fruit.

What’s the last thing you do every day?

I take off my make up, give my skin a chance to breathe.


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