On or off the sand, make that just-back-from-the-beach look (whether intentional or otherwise) part of your summer style: “The best hair styles for the beach will keep you cool whilst cool looking,” says Sascha Breuer, a New York-based celebrity hairstylist. We asked Breuer for hair tips to recreate our favourite
summer beauty trends without having to leave our beach towels.

Post-beach hair styles #1: The fishtail braid

Expert hair tips: “One of my favorites, the fishtail braid adds a really stylish element to a low, side-sitting ponytail—done in seconds.”

Runway inspiration: Ropey, low-slung knots at Michael Kors’s Spring/Summer 2012 show.

Get the look: “Be prepared: a few bobby pins and two strong elastic are the key elements to transform messy beach hair into a gorgeous updo style that helps you to keep cool. A hairspray with UV filter can give you both hold and protection against fading from harsh sunlight.”

TRY: “Wella SP Sun UV Protection Spray helps to protect your hair from the sun and UV rays.”

Post-beach hair styles #2: A wind-swept chignon

Expert hair tips: “Sophisticated and sexy but with a modern twist, go for an easy updo like a chignon.”

Runway inspiration: Tiara-embellished buns at Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 show.

Get the look:
“Apply a little hairspray to smooth back the hair and sweep into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Next, twist the hair around a hairband in a figure eight to create a neat bun. Then secure in place with bobby pins and spray on hairspray, which will keep this glam updo in place and keep your hair feeling soft and supple.”

TRY: “Accessorize. Whether you’re going to a summer wedding or beach party, try bands, bobbles, clips, combs, slides, tiaras and a whole lot more to make your hair look sassy and sexy in the sun!”

5 easy summer hair styles

For more runway-inspired hair tips for the beach, read on…
Post-beach hair styles #3: The allover braid

Expert hair tips: “I love this very relaxed look!” says
Breuer. (We promise: it’s easier to achieve than you think.)

Runway inspiration: Pretty, ethereal braids at Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2012 show.

Get the look: “Start by taking a section of hair at the crown and divide it into three parts. Next, start braiding a French braid, going under the right ear and all the way around the hairline until you get a full circle. Once the end of the braid meets the beginning, tie it with a thin hair elastic and tuck it back underneath the French braid. Pin in place. Apply some hair spray for extra hold.”

TRY: “Wella SP After Sun Shampoo removes sunscreen as well as any traces of salt and chlorine that can damage your hair after being
exposed to the sun. Improves combability, transforms your hair’s texture and moisturizes hair and
adds shine.”

Beach hair styles #4: The fresh out of water look

Expert hair tips: “Slicked back top, half wet, half dry: The newfound effortlessness,” says Breuer. “This style can work for any length of hair from short (chin length) to very long. Hair is slicked back, but while the crown has a wet look, the rest of the hair is left dry.”

Runway inspiration: Sleek, just-showered looking locks at Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 show.

Get the look: “Straight or wavy hair is perfect for this style, but if you have very curly hair you can still achieve it by straightening the hair first. Apply a strong gel generously through the top section of hair using a
wide-toothed comb to spread and brush evenly then pin it back with a large clip for it to dry and hold the hair in place. For a lacquered finish, you can then smooth the hair through with a
smoothing serum. Follow this path for a super-shiny, glossy half-wet style.”

“If you are trying to achieve an allover wet look hair, you can try a hair oil such as Kesari, as it’s super lightweight and will nourish your hair whilst you are basking in the sun.”

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