Eating a well balanced diet, exercising, drinking plenty of water and taking good care of your skin. Check, check and check. Your beauty closet is stashed with
serums to brighten, plumpers and a slew of goodies to minimize fine lines, but have you thought about putting that same effort into keeping your
hair youthful? The wrong hair cut, colour or texture can throw off your anti aging crusade by years. And we’re not talking greying hair–there are many more subtle ways your hair may be zapping you of youthfulness. Above all, though, it’s how you carry yourself that conveys a youthful air, says Tony Masciangelo, owner of The Alcorn Salon. "And then it’s about taking care of balancing off those fine details, such as having the right shape hair cut for your face, the right fringe," he says. Your youthful ‘tude is in check? Then here’s how to make sure
your hair’s as vibrant a you are.

Youthful, healthy hair tip #1: Go loose and aim for movement

"Pulling your hair back in a bun can be quite severe and aging," says Masciangelo. "Lean towards Goldie Hawn’s look — you need softness overall." So ease up on the flat ironing and go bouncier by blow drying with a round brush instead. Product-wise, a mousse will give you soft body. "Concentrate it on the crown and roots and the ends will follow what you’ve done with the roots," he says. His pick? Nexxus Movify Gorgeous Curls Foam Styler.

Youthful, healthy hair tip #2: Limit the hairspray

Dallas the TV show may be making a comeback, but we certainly don’t want to see the over-sprayed hair styles to make an appearance again. Ease off the hair spray for a softer, more youthful look. To repel humidity this summer turn to argan oil or coconut oil will help keep hair smooth. Mist hairspray sparingly for a little bit of frizz control.

Youthful, healthy hair tip #3: Turn up the volume

"Be careful with volume–you don’t want it to be overdone," says Masciangelo, as this will add years to your look. Think Lauren Hutton, there’s an ease and elegance to the volume. He suggests using a round brush with synthetic bristles ("It’s easier to work through hair," he says) or try one with a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. "This will give you enough grip and tension to give fine hair body at the roots, but it’ll also work for thick hair because you’ll be able to pull it through your hair so you can pull your hair to create smoothness," says Masciangelo.

Boost shine and pick the right part on the next page …
Youthful, healthy hair tip #4: Boost shine

Youthful hair has a lumnious, reflective glow — something we want, stat. The best way to achieve this, says Masciangelo, is with a leave-in treatment oil. He suggests a lightweight one for summer that doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Then up the ate come fall with a deeper treatment.

Youthful, healthy hair tip #5: Pick the right part

Middle parts can be aging, but it depends on how you wear your hair, says Masciangelo. If you have your hair down so that it falls and covers your temples a bit and has a bend to it ("Think Carine Roitfeld" he says), then middle parts work well. With a side part, though, you get an instant softness and more movement.

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