Sense spa at Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

Wherever you dash off to this summer to soak up some much-needed beach time, be sure to give your skin the same amount of recovery (if not more!). Since you take the pains to include SPF-enriched products into your beauty routine, check into one of these luxe spas during your next vacation so your skin will be as rejuvenated and cleansed as you feel upon returning to real life.

Summer skin care spa treatments #1: The island escape

What: Pacific Paradise body treatment (90 minutes, approx. $160)
Where: Spa Space. 161 North Canal St., Chicago. 1-312-466-9585.
Targeted skin repair: Like a tropical getaway, this signature skin care treatment leaves your complexion brighter and more relaxed than when you arrived (not to mention the lingering piña colada smell you’re left with). The 90-minute Hawaiian-inspired treatment begins with a 30-minute mango sugar body scrub to slough away sun-damaged skin cells. Newly exfoliated skin is then replenished with an hour-long massage using kukui-coconut oil. Goes swimmingly with an ahi tuna tartare app from the spa menu.

Summer skin care spa treatments #2: City repair

What: Clarins Skin Therapy Brightening Performer facial (60 minutes, $160)
Where: Spa My Blend by Clarins. The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto. 181 Wellington St. West., Toronto. 1-416-572-8000.
Targeted skin repair: Trekking across the city on a hot summer day can be just as damaging to exposed skin as laying out poolside (minus the relaxing benefits and fruity cocktails that come with it). The Brightening Performer facial targets the dark spots and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage using sea lily extract and vitamin C to reduce pigmentation and leave a youthful summer glow in it’s place.

Best skin care spa treatments for jet lag.

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Sense spa at Rosewood Hotel Georgia. 

Summer skin care spa treatments #3: Mountain ready

What: Silhouette Body Facial (80 minutes, $225/ 110 minutes, $275)
Where: Sense, a Rosewood Spa. Rosewood Hotel Georgia, 801 West Georgia St.,Vancouver. 1-604.682.5566
Targeted skin repair: The freshly unveiled Sense, a Rosewood Spa is an oasis of local and cross-worldly skin care practices—treatments feature products from local skin care line, Ancient Secrets as well as the argan oil-enriched collection from Moroccan-based Kahina. The Silhouette Body Facial uses sonic cleansing to deep clean pores and rehydrate sun-dried skin. A deep tissue massage infused with anti-oxidants tones skin before an SPF protectant is applied overtop for a carefree outdoors escape.

Summer skin care spa treatments #4: Come rain or shine

What: Environ Advanced Repair Facial (75 minutes, approx. $180)
Where: COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Metropolitan London. Old Park Lane, London. 44-(0)20-7447-5750
Targeted skin repair: The skin-damaging effects of UV rays can still be seen in foggy London—before heading to an outdoor Olympic event this summer (or rocking afterparty) arm yourself with the Environ Advanced Repair Facial. The treatment targets photo and sun-damaged skin using low frequency soundwaves and a pulsed electrical current to penetrate into pores and allows for greater absorption of active vitamins. Skin is left smoother, softer and ready to take on the outdoors—whatever the weather may be.

Summer skin care spa treatments #5: Diamond-standard skin care

What: Microdermabrasion Facial (60 minutes, approx. $275/ 90 minutes, approx. $375)
Where: The Peninsula Spa. The Peninsula New York. 700 Fifth Avenue, New York. 1-800-262-9467
Targeted skin repair: The skin care-catchall treatment that targets pretty much every environmental toxin from living in the city (stressed-out skin included). The diamond-tipped microdermabrasion system treats fine lines, sun damage, scars and acne using a triple-cleanse procedure to balance and hydrate skin, followed by an application of the crystal-free microdermabrasion wand. In line with the sparkling treatment, rose quartz crystals are applied next to soothe skin before a head massage and custom mask to leave skin with a luminous, 24-carat sheen.

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