Before that signature dried-out and frizzy mane becomes the unintentional main attraction of your beachside lounging this season, plan for a summer hair care intervention. While hanging by a pool is the best summer stress relief, environmental factors such as humidity, UV rays and the heat during summer months dehydrate and damage already dry and colour-treated hair. What’s worse? “In the summer, we tend to wash our hair more which in turn strips the moisture from your hair,” says celebrity hair stylist Patrick Melville, who helped formulate the paraben and sulfate-free Aveeno Pure Renewal shampoo and conditioner to tend to summer locks.

Melville rounds up the top environmental factors that can harm our tresses this summer and gives us his best tips for restoring hair to a healthy, UV-protected shine.

Summer sun damage factor #1: UV rays

Expert hair breakdown: “As we head into spring/summer, remember to protect your strands like you protect your skin. The sun can cause your hair to look fried and even cause your scalp to burn!”

The hair rescue: “Apply conditioner throughout your hair to protect your locks from UV rays. Your hair will feel healthier, stronger and softer.” Take extra care after a day spent lounging poolside: “When coming out of the pool, make sure to rinse hair well with fresh water.”

Summer sun damage factor #2: The elements

Expert hair breakdown: “Chlorine, sun, salt water, and humidity are major dampers on your hair, whether they be harmful or just a pain on your styling regiment,” warns Melville. The harmful effects of sun damage to exposed tresses? “Stripped colour, extreme loss of moisture balance and breakage as well as frizzy and uncontrollable hair.”

The hair rescue: “If you have dry, frizzy, weak hair, deep conditioning your hair should be a must! Many things cause these effects to the hair such as overuse of hair tools or chemicals in your products. Deep conditioning will help restore the hair and bring back some of the natural shine,” says Melville, who recommends using a deep conditioner mask in the shower once a week to maintain smooth locks all summer long. “If you have a full day ahead in the sun, always bring a hat or scarf to cover your tresses!”

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How to enjoy the beach without worrying about summer damage to your tresses? Read on for more hair rescue tips…

Summer sun damage factor #3: Heat damage

Expert hair breakdown:
“Hair is totally fried from [colour] highlighting and hot tools, so use a shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair that says ‘moisturizing’ on the bottle. These formulas leave protective ingredients on your hair.”

The hair rescue: “Comb through a deep conditioner and let sit in hair for 30 minutes, or apply a clear hair glaze to really ramp up the gloss on locks,” he says. (We love Aveeno Living Color Shine Glaze.) Afterwards, protect your hair from further damage by using a thermal protector spray before each and every blow dry.

Summer sun damage factor #4: Humidity

Expert hair breakdown: A
versatile cut this summer is key to styling damage control once the sticky, humid air ruins hair’s
texture and volume: “A haircut that falls around the collar bone will be a favorite cut for the summer,” says Melville. “This style can be worn either up or down, with soft pieces around the face.”

The hair rescue: For a perfect summer BBQ or night-out look? “After shampooing, towel dry hair and apply a shine glaze and blow dry hair with hands— no brushing! Then spritz hair with a lightweight hairspray. Use a small flat iron on two-inch pieces throughout just to polish and finish off the ends, keeping the hair loose and natural.

For something more casual, try that Taylor Swift look: use a one-inch curling iron on clean, dry hair and take a small section and curl hair from root to end. This means placing the curling iron at the top of hair section and wrapping the rest of the hair around the curling iron. Hold for a few sections, then release.” Just lather on
SFP-enriched sunblock and don your favourite James Bond-inspired
Michael Kors bikini—you’re now fully prepped to brace the elements.

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