The look: Chloé’s loose, casual waves

How to get it: “How to get this look depends on what kind of hair you have,” says Schwarzkopf’s Kathy Simon. “If you have natural waves, all you have to do is wash your hair and apply a soft, creamy volumizing product.”

If, however, your hair is super straight, you’ve got a bit more work in store. Apply a soft mousse or bodifying product to your hair. Then using a thick curling iron (a two to 2.5-inch barrel will work best), take thick sections of hair and starting at the middle of your length of hair, work the hair around the barrel vertically (Avoid both starting at the crown and working your hair horizontally – doing either of these will result in a tighter curl than you’re aiming for).

Finish with a soft hairspray, and throughout the day, make sure to work your hands through your hair regularly, as the curl will rewrap itself, says Simon.

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The look: Gucci’s sleek ponytail

How to get it: “This hairstyle is best done on damp hair to get the flatness and the nice, gathered ponytail,” says Simon, who loves this look as a quick yet super chic hairdo post-swim.

After shampooing your hair, give your hair a quick blow dry at the base. Then apply a soft gel or cream-based styling product — something that’ll still allow your hair some movement. Use a comb to make a side part and make a mid to low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Add sleekness to your tresses by finishing with a shine spray.

To make it look even more polished, take a small strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic band to conceal it. Finish by tucking in the strand using a bobby pin.

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The look: Givenchy’s straight and slicked back

How to get it: “This look is very strong and classic, yet modern. I definitely see it as more of an evening look,” says Simon. “It’d go best with strong makeup and edgy clothing — not a cute summer dress!”

Start by blow drying your hair straight. Then using a comb, make a strong middle part. Take your boar-bristle brush and with a bit of hairspray on the bristles, brush hair towards the back of the ear tightly. Clip with a barrette or bobby pins on each side just behind the ears to help diminish volume and add tension. Remove the clips once the style has set for about 10 minutes, or keep the clips in and let your hair flop over to conceal them.

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The look: Marc Jacobs’ knotted updo

How to get it: Start by rough dry your hair after a shampoo and applying a mousse or cream to help add some volume. Then, take a boar-bristle brush (such as a classic Mason Pearson) and spritz with some hairspray. “This will help control frizz,” says Simon and the brush’s close bristles will give you an even slick finish. Then holding your head upside down, use the brush to gather your hair towards the top-centre of your crown and secure into a tight ponytail with an elastic.

Next, with a small amount of gel or mousse in the palms of your hands, slick the ponytail together and twist. “The ponytail will knot into itself and naturally gather down into different shapes and knots,” says Simon. When you’ve got about a one-quarter inch of ponytail left, tuck in this end and secure with a bobby pin. Finish off with a light spritz of conceal it. Finish by tucking in the strand using a bobby pin.

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