Q: I have the most coarse, unbelievably thick, disobedient hair in the world. How can I handle it?

A: Finding the right products for your hair can be a full-time job, so I asked Pauline Brooks, stylist at Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials in Toronto, for some recommendations. Here’s what she had to say:

“I am sure you have tried every product on the market. However, there are more and more effective ones available now than ever before. A few examples are Deva Curl (NY), Curly Hair Solutions, Barex and Kerastase. Your stylist may need to learn some new techniques specifically for curly hair. With the proper cut and products, you should be able to maintain beautiful curls and control.”

Q: How can I properly blow-dry my hair straight so it looks glossy and finished and holds for a long time?

A: Oh, to have perfect glossy straight hair! I feel your pain — so I asked my girl Pauline Brooks, a stylist at Delineation Hair & Spa Essentials in Toronto, to share her advice. She says:

“I suggest a good ceramic round brush (must be large enough to smooth) with natural boar bristles for shine. While the hair is towel-dried you can apply Pureology Straight. Heat the hair, remove the dryer and wait five to seven seconds to cool. This sets the hair.”

Q: Curly hairstyles are really trendy right now. I have naturally wavy hair, and when I curl it the slightest movement breaks the curls all up. Is there a method I can use to make my hair touch-friendly and pretty to look at?

A: I could think of no one better to answer this question than someone who works for one of the biggest names in beauty, L’Oréal Professionnel.

Colin D. Ford, the Technical and Educational Manager with the company, has some helpful hints on how to maintain those desired plush and silky-smooth curls.

Here’s what he says:

“If your hair is naturally curly with a normal to fine texture, then you need products that will enhance and support the curls. Shine Curl products from Serie Expert are great for this type of hair. It is especially important to use the Shine Curl leave-in spray and then use Curl Memory Upspray from Techni.art (all from L’Oréal). These products will maintain curl and enhance the natural beauty of your hair.

“If the curly hair is more wild and unruly and inclined to frizz a lot, then you would be better to use the Liss Extreme products from L’Oréal’s Serie Expert. A shine serum (leave-in conditioner) can be used as well to set the look.

“In all cases, it is important for the hair to dry before running your fingers through it to break up the curl. In both cases, you can use a wax product (like Define Wax) to create definition and maintain some control.”

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