Does the glorious hot summer weather have you trying to figure out new ways to handle and style your hair? Somehow the same-old hair styles just won’t do when you have your calendar filled with sunshiny adventures taking you every where from the cottage for the weekend to the beach on afternoons off. Here’s a guide with style ideas for every summer occasion.

Summer getaway:
You’re hitting the road for a good ol’ road trip—a picnic in wine country for the day, perhaps. You’ll be traveling light so won’t have many hair products with you.

Summer hair styles option #1: An off-centre ponytail

Start by tipping your head upside and spray a dry shampoo as close to the scalp as possible, says Jessica Lasagna, a senior stylist at Industry Hairdressing in Toronto. “This will create a matte texture to the hair and will also absorb any excess oil and scents,” she says (a bonus if you’re in the car for days and don’t have much time to shampoo your hair). Next, section off a triangle section, from eyebrow to eyebrow, about two to three inches back from the hairline, creating a triangle and isolate it with a clip. “Now, using your fingers, start directing the sides of your hair away from the face and across the back over to one side and towards your shoulder to create your
off-centred ponytail,” she says. To finish the look, release the fringe you’ve clipped up and apply an anti-frizz serum such as the one from Label M. Part your hair as you wish, allowing your hair to frame your face, says Lasagna. Alternatively, she suggests braid this hair (if it’s at least six inches in length) from one side across to the other side and secure with a bobby pin behind the ear.

Summer hair styles option #2: Beachy waves without any heat tools

After shampooing, towel dry your hair and spray a sea salt spray (she recommends the one from Label M) all over followed by a medium-hold mousse. Complete one French braid, let dry, and once you shake out the braid to release the
wavy hair, you’re good to go, says Lasagna.

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Summer getaway: Beach day. You’ll be out in the sun and in and out of the water regularly.

Summer hair styles option #1: Toss a comb and a hair serum, (such as Oribe Gel Serum) into your beach bag.

After taking a dip in the water, “comb your hair back and apply the
serum to wet hair,” says Olivia Woods, who works at Industry Hairdressing in Toronto. Then slick back hair and gently ruffle with your hands for a slick, but distressed, look, says the senior stylist.

Summer hair styles option #2: Give it a break

If you’ve got a shorter do, you can easily use your beach day to
give your hair some TLC. Woods suggests bringing a leave-in conditioner and a gel serum in your beach tote. “Mix equal amounts of each together and work through your hair with a comb. Section out a side parting on the top of your head and comb one side flat and back to the head,” she says. Then, on the heavier side, comb hair in S-formations, creating a soft finger wave.

Summer getaway:
Cottage weekend. You want to spend your time sitting by the lake and relaxing—not styling your hair.

Summer hair styles option #1: Chic head wrap

“Apply a moisturising mask, which you can leave on all day, such as Label M Intense Repair Mask,” says Lasagna, then apply a wide, cotton bandana across the front of the hairline. “The mask will keep hair from becoming frizzy, and keep it looking and feeling soft and natural,” she says (something your hair probably needs with all of the heat and humidity of the season).

Summer hair styles option #2: Defined waves

Keep your hair looking great and frizz-free when up at the cottage with some curl cream. Once you’ve worked through the cream, Lasagna suggest taking one-inch sections and starting at the roots, twist the sections of hair tightly. “This creates a wet looking dreadlock,” she says. If your hair is on the thick side, she suggests before twisting, working some gel through your hair after the curl cream so that you get more hold.

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Summer staycation: You’re staying put in the city – so you have more tools and product at your disposal for styling your hair.

Summer hair styles option #1: A dual-textured look

Start by drying your hair smooth and then section out a front panel of hair, from the top of one cheekbone, across to the top of your other cheekbone, approximately two to three inches back from the hairline, says Woods. “With a curling iron, take large sections and wrap around a curling iron
creating a loose curl,” she says. Then for the rest of the hair, use a straightening iron for a smooth finish. To give a high-shine to the look, Woods suggests applying a polish such as the one from Label M.

Summer hair styles
option #2: Sleek and slicked back

It’ll help show off your sunglasses and earrings, says Woods. Start by smoothing back the sides of hair behind your ears, using a gel serum to help keep it in place. “On the top of your hair,
spray a dry shampoo and gently back-comb with a wide-tooth comb to create height,” she says. Finish with a dry texture spray and dress hair back from your face simply using your fingers and set with some hairspray.

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